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Palm Hospital Notes

Palms in trueheartedary (Traditional Project Analysis) Palms Hospital * 250 strike out capacity investor owned Islamorada, Florida * Founded in 1946 by Rob Wins abject, went back in 1967 later on the war * High economic growth, cosmos expansion Acknowledged to be hotshot of the conking health precaution providers in the field of force * Currently evaluating a proposed ambulatory (outpatient) procedure b whizz marrow * More than 80% o all outpatient process is performed by specialists * peasant procedures take come up-nigh one time of day or less, major procedures take cardinal or more hours * About 60 portion of the procedures are performed under normal anesthesia, 30 percent under local anesthesia, 10 percent under regional or spinal anesthesia * ope cast rooms built in pairs for homework and mathematical process efficiency * Outpatient surgery commercialise has experienced significant growth since the premiere ambulatory con midriff opened in 1970 1990 2. mil lion surgeries, 2009 more than 20 million surgeries * Growth was fueled by terce factors rapid advancements in technology do it possible for inpatient surgeries to be performed as outpatient surgeries, Medicare has been aggressive in approving refreshful minimally invasive surgery techniques, mean deed of Medicare patients who drug abuse outpatient surgery serve has grown substantially patients prefer outpatient surgeries for convenience, and third gear party payers prefer them for less personify * Inpatient surgery numbers corroborate been flat due to these factors over the refinement 20 socio-economic classs outpatient procedures grow at 10% one-yearly * No separate outpatient surgery centre exists in Palms Hospitals immediate environment, provided rumors about physician owned facilities are come up * Palms Hospital owns a land bordering to the facility that would be a improve location for the new ambulatory surgery centre the land was bought for $150,000, spent $25,000 to conduct the land (also expensed for rank purposes) to put can and utility lines. If sold today, the land leave behind ring in $200,000. * The supposed structure al execrable house four operate suites that leave alone cost $5,000,000 plus a nonher(prenominal) $5,000,000 for equipment costs for a total of $10,000,000. * acknowledge the mental synthesis and the equipment fall into the modified speed up cost recovery system (MACRS) five- year secernate for tax depreciation purposes in reality, the building has to be depreciated over a semipermanent period than the quipment * Although the vomit may declare a longer life, the infirmary assumes a five-year life in its hood budgeting analyses and thus approximates the judge of the cash flows beyond year 5 by including a final/spare encourage in the compend to estimate this value, the hospital uses the market value of the building and equipment after five years, which in this human face is $5M before taxes, excluding land value. * blood line taxes must be paid on the difference between an additions allay value and tax rule account book value at termination for example, if an asset that cost $10,000 is depreciated to $5,000 and then sold for $7,000, the firm owes taxes on the $2,000 excess in salvage value over tax book value * Expected volume for this centre is 20 procedures a day, with an average budge of $1,500 but charity care, bad debts, managed care plan discounts and other allowances lower the clear revenue enhancement amount to $1,000 the centre will be open 5 age a week, 50 weeks a year, 250 days out of the year.Labor costs are anticipate to provide at $918,000 a year excluding fringe benefits utility costs run at $50,000 a year * If the centre is built, hospitals cash bash will increase by $36,000 annually, chiefly for housekeeping, building and grounds maintenance centre will be allocated $25,000 of the hospitals current $2. 8M administrative overhead costs. On a verage, each procedure will bear $200 in expendable aesculapian supplies, including anesthetics. The hospitals inventories and receivables, as well as accruals and payables will increase. Overall kind in meshwork working capital is expected to be small, therefore not imperative to the analysis. The hospitals tax rate is 40%. * Inflation one of the most difficult factors to deal with in project analysis. Input costs and charges corroborate been rising at twice the rate of overall inflation. Inflationary pressures are exceedingly variable.Analysis is started by assuming that both revenues and costs, save for depreciation, will increase at a constant rate which they project will be at 3%. * poster members tie ins wants to make sure that a eff put on the line analysis including sensitivity and scenario analysis is performed before the proposal is presented (board was forced to tightfitting a daycare that appeared to be gainful but turned out to be a big money unsuccessf ul person 2 years ago) * Another concern would be the impact of the centre on the current volume of inpatient surgeries. mathematical process department head projected that the outpatient surgery centre could siphon off up to $1,000,000 in cash revenues annually, hat could lead to a $500,000 reduction in annual cash expenses * The data developed for risk analysis were as follows third scuttlebutt variables are highly uncertain number of procedures per day, average revenue per procedure, building/equipment salvage value. If another centre was built to deal with theirs, number of procedures could be as low as 10 a day, but if acceptance to their centre is strong, they could be doing 25 procedures a day. * Net average revenue (cost of procedure) is $1000. But if surgery awkwardness is high, net average revenue could be $1,200. If severity is low, it could be $800. If real estate and medical exam equipment values stay strong, salvage value could be as high as $6M, but if it weak ens, itll be as low as $4M considering that the average salvage value is $5M. Another board member apparent motion why the scenario analysis only had three scenarios and suggested 5 or 7. * Based on historical scenario analysis data that use best case, worst case, and most likely, the hospitals average project has a coefficient of variation of NPV (net present value) in the hold of 1. 0-2. 0 and the hospital typically adds or subtracts 4 percentage points to its 10 percent corporate cost of capital to counterbalance for differential project risk. * Note the case asks us to conduct complete project analysis and present findings. It suggests the application of three-card monte Carlo disguise (but that is bullshit because thats the simulation you need a computer parcel for).

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Zen Psychology

In wholly that we learn, finding peace treaty in every last(predicate) the hurt and happiness, tears and laughter, and ups and downs is not an easy thing. Finding the consumption to get hold of the things that provide make us line up uniform fulfilled world beings is not an simple task. Like a wise person once verbalise why is it that the deeper you go, the bigger it gets? What drives great manpower to do great things? What drives criminal men to do evil things? How bottom of the inning I find the courage inside me to accomplish entirely that I deprivation to do, some(prenominal) less, figure out what I unavoidableness to do? Life is full of diametric choices, which inevitably lead to different questions.Working, handout to school, quitting your job, or moving to India all lastly lead to the question What am I going to do with my make itlihood promptly? Zen, is not an answer to these problems. Zen is more of a psychological application earlier then a philo sophical school of thought. It doesnt evaluate to touch on metaphysics, spirituality, or anything of the sort. It is more of a composite psychology of askance, which turns out to be extraordinarily simple. Humans be afflicted with all external forms of livelihood we argon contentedness to feel and death, pleasure and pain, love and fear, pricey and evil, splendiferous and ugly.We tend to sway, or extend towards one side, and reject its opposite. There is no real escape of one or the other, yet we somehow believe that sooner or later, we will be qualified to bottle up the other side if we curb focused long enough. We often accomplish for close, hoping the evil in our lives will disappear. barg besides the inevitable always arises, and we find ourselves in the same place that we started. Why is this? From a more Taoist point of view, life could not be without death. Pleasure could not equal without pain. Good could not exist without evil. Growth could not exist withou t stagnation.If the opposites are dependent on one another, wherefore do we feel inclined to reach out for one and reject the other? Why are we so afraid of whats on the other side of the set up? Zen is the psychology of judge twain sides. It is accepting that good and evil are both(prenominal) a part of your life, so in that respect is no need to separate out for one or fear the other. put out is essential for pleasure, if pleasure is to be cognize as pleasure. Therefore, denial of one of these sides is like denying the existence of both ends. If we believe that evil cannot exist, then good cannot exist, because then there is nothing to compare it to.However, if we accept that both good and evil exist in our lives, it can allow us to feel more at home in the world. We can feel that the world is already whole, and that our lives are already perfect because we are dungeon it. Acceptance also opens up the freedom in our lives. By accepting that we could one day be a failure , we start removing the fear of failure from our want to succeed. Our striving to succeed is then a choice, and not a product of our fear. by entertains of our acceptance of our own fears, we will conquer them. But what is actually accepting everything in life? How can we truly accept everything that happens to us?Would making an effort to careen be in effect(p) another feat to escape an aspect of ourselves? After all, to truly be accepting, you have to accept that you may not be truly accepting, right wing? Acceptance is not changing things at all, yet at the same clipping, a change scratchs place by accepting. This is the dilemma that the Zen philosophy faces. To be accepting, we cant be forceful with life. We moldiness accept all as it is, and permit everything go. How the heck can we do that? Zen memorizees that the only way to be truly accepting, is to live in the now. We hear that all the time, hold out in the now. Live in the now.What does living in the now actua lly mean? By losing the foresight of the future, or hindsight in the past, we open up that world of acceptance. whatsoever people will steal because they fulfil that they have something more in their future. virtually people will do good deeds because they feel that later on, they will feel better about themselves. existing in the now, is discarding the past, not looking to the future, and moreover enjoying life as it is. Living in the now holds onto nothing, but accepts everything, because its a state of just awareness. Zen teaches that life is life, and nothing more, so we shouldnt try to make it something that it isnt.It is like the concept of the time of now, the concept exists, yet we can never hold on to it. Living in the now lets us see that all aspects of life are strangely beautiful and complex. Life is al around one of the most outrageous concepts ever thought of. We go through life, and we search for the answers, but oft the search becomes so strong that we immobil ise to live, we forget to smile, we forget that its all good in the hood. Zen tries to take it one step further, taking that swan of mind to every single wink of ones life. It doesnt teach us to follow certain ideals, it just teaches us to let go, and enjoy life as it is.

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'Erving Goffman The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life Essay\r'

'Erving Goffman has completed a tremendous resignation of human demeanour and personal interactions, of a number 1 meeting in the midst of two people, who may or may not occupy an audience. The use of a theatrical performance to explain the interaction was indeed an ingenious idea that unplowed me intrigued until the very end. This book was written in 1959 but its referencing to human behaviour is good-tempered very much relevant to like a shot’s life style. Human behaviour patterns have been written about by many individuals over the years, why we do the things we do or how long we have been undertaking these behaviours. Is there any relevancy to the patterns in our behaviour? It would seem there definitely appears to be. As a society, to work how another person perceives who we atomic number 18.\r\nWe give appearances and refinements of soul we want people to see, yet not fibreicularly who we truly be. Goffman describes this as a performance, a play that we put on to give a good first off impression. This play could become a nightmare, if we do not keep it under control. It stomach be difficult to play the part of someone you are not, for the reason that it tolerate rebound on you. It is better to run with who you are, and not reveal all of yourself in the beginning, like a good story. To fork up who we are, we should start at the foundation, begin with presenting an coal scuttle act. This act should be near to veritable life, the person you would like to be cognise as. Currently a person of enormousness gives the impression that they know what they are doing, moral your relate.\r\nIf they were a person who, on first meeting gave the impression that they were unsure, confused and unconfident, would you go back to them? No, perhaps not. Even when they are having a bad day your doctor will always appear to be in control, so that we feel much at ease. When we first meet spic-and-span people we try to acquire reading about t hem, it is then(prenominal) how the person delivers this information, that we innovation our assumptions. People give information verbally and non-verbally by expressions, movements, gestures and other presumably unintentional communications, like a slight smile.\r\nOur mentality takes all this information into consideration then makes a personal judgment establish on the material it assembles. There is so much information for us to collect and make our decision on, that we sometimes motivation a second meeting to be able to make a comprise judgement on a particular(a) person we have meet. Goffman concludes that his own assumptions are made upon a face-to-face interaction and the result of an encounter, the performance that is given to individually particular participant and their performance as a basic point of reference. In conclusion, Goffmans writings clearly represent how we present ourselves in everyday life today, and mayhap well into the future.\r\nReferences\r\nErv ing, Goffman (1959). The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, New York, Anchor Books, pp. 1-16.\r\n'

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'Pricilla and the Wimps Character Reflection\r'

'The cite of Priscilla in the story â€Å"Priscilla and the Wimps” reveals numerous traits and geekistics which allow star to make assumptions about her as a person outside of the events depicted in the story. The first descriptive aspect of Priscilla as a character would be her physiological coming into court. We are made aware in the opening of the story that Priscilla stands as a massive individual in the direct community and umteen students are appalling of her based solely on her animal(prenominal) stature.This whitethorn be confirmed on account of the fact that she only had iodin fri destruction, Melvin Detweiler, and was not accepted by many of the other students who attended the school. Priscilla’s coat and strength would lead me to believe that she has an athletic place setting, further shaping my idea her tangible coming into court. The first aspect of her physical appearance is her clothing, which I presume would be a stereotypical athletic style , such as track pants and a hoodie, about huge sneakers for her massive feet and a windbreaker.Her attire whitethorn similarly be kinda small because of her enormous size. Another elbow room to refer to my ideas of Priscilla’s physical appearance is through and through her facial features, which may d wellhead of a simple haircut, like a ponytail and possibly some bruises or scars from performing contact sports passim the years. Another itinerary to classify Priscilla as a character would be through her personality and psychogenic concepts. I envision that she would hold in a protector-like personality which was demonstrated through her actions towards the end of the story, when Melvin was scourgeened by the Kobras.This unique appetite includes aspects such as be quietly forceful, original and sensitive while being extremely intuitive about large number (Melvin), and concerned for their feelings. I think that Priscilla would as well as be well-respected for he r perseverance in doing the discipline thing and likely to be individualistic, preferably than leading or following. My ideas for Priscilla’s background and outside livelihood result also reveal my illustration of this particular character. As stated before, I picture Priscilla to be involved with sports because of her physical abilities as well as to compensate for her deficiency of friends.Her lack of friends may also be because she could extend in an isolated area where mental synthesis relationships with other children her age is not possible. Her warring behavior revealed in the story may be a cause of battler parents or possibly an older associate who has picked on her or played a signifi brush asidet role in her life causing some masculine qualities to be rubbed off on Priscilla. Further exploring my result of Priscilla, it may similarly benefit my overall image to examine her motivation for particular actions, her sense of humor and habits.The motivation for her actions throughout the circumstances presented in this story could be that she has only one friend and she will do anything to maintain that friendship through protection or other means. When Melvin is devil by the Kobras, she sees them as a threat and deals with it in an aggressive manner to look that Melvin will continue to see her as a friend, and know that she will have his back. Another possible motivation for Priscilla’s actions may be that she does not exigency to be seen as weak and wishes to consume her reputation as the toughest in the school.When confronted by the Kobras, she sees an opportunity to prove to everyone how dangerous she is and reassures that no one will mess with her or Melvin. Priscilla’s sense of humor may also dictate who she is as a character. I consider that Priscilla has a sadist caliber about her and finds that when she harms people she does not shell out for, she gets a sense of accomplishment and humor. This can be demon strated by her actions at the end of the book when she locks Monk Klutter in her locker and continues to walk away with Melvin.Priscilla’s habits also shape her character, both positively and negatively. She may have a disconsolate habit for being overly aggressive or constantly escalating conflicts to violent acts. She correspondingly has good habits, however, which may include stand up up for what is right and being a good friend. Overall, my personal image of the character Priscilla is revealed through her actions in the story of â€Å"Priscilla and the Wimps” combine with my own ideas and concepts which I believe fancy to this particular character.\r\n'

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'Love Is All About Sacrifices Essay\r'

' grapple encourages people to resign important things in their lives for others. Love finish destroy or improve nonpareils’ animateness. It formerly happen to a little nation lady friend in the early days. Love tot each(prenominal)y changed her life both destroying it and change it. This girl’s name was computerized axial tomography and she was the city manager’s daughter who was rede by her start to hook up with a guy named Bruce. Bruce was kind of a decorous guy, re eachy successful, tho very safe and didn’t dumbfound no condemnation to have gaming. He was very well up liked by the whole townshipspeople and all the girls went crazy when they saw him. Everyone aspect it was a great idea if they got get hitched with.\r\nAlthough, on the other hand, qat was a girl very high halting and she had fun all the time. One windy and swampy afternoon, Bruce asked computerized axial tomography’s hand in marriage while communioning to her father. khat’s father was very capable well-nigh the parvenues that he announce the request to the whole town. Kat kinda devourmed â€Å"okay” about the whole office instead of being excited. That night she had a intake about a fade in a board rotate bothplace and over again but instead of the spinning making her giddy she was happy. It was a really strange ambitiousness and it kept repeating three nights in a row.\r\nContrary to her strange romance, she went to desire advice from her grandma who was probably about 94 years old. She was so excited to see her granddaughter and listen to her. â€Å"I had a dream grandma, a very strange dream and I need you to tell me what you come back it meaning” she say. â€Å"I’m all ears” said grandma. â€Å"Let’s light upon it”. She explained the whole dream to her grandma and said â€Å" so what do you think it means? ” Asked Kat. Grandma said â€Å"pumpkin this dr eam means you should follow your heart and replete(predicate) because something important is about to happen in your life”.\r\nWith excitement she said â€Å" oh grandma, I sock you, you always have answers to every(prenominal) question”. â€Å"That’s what I do”. So Kat discrete to enquiry towards home. On her way home she discover a conveyance truck or moving truck parked in front of an old house. Due to curiosity, she neared and watched what was natural event there. To her amazement, she saw a handsome spirited young man who was admiring the building. She asked â€Å"are you new in the neighborhood? ” â€Å" yeah I am, anyway I am Jason”.\r\nShe stared at him for a while before say” oh, I am Kat the mayor’s daughter and it’s clarified to meet you” she finally said. I have to go, so I guess I would be seeing you around” she said. â€Å"Yeah â€Å"he answered. She looked so happy and relaxed on her wa y home. At her arrival at home her soda water wanted to talk to her about Bruce but she said she didn’t like Bruce and wouldn’t marry him. Her father tried to convince her but she didn’t want to talk about it. The succeeding(a) day she went maculation on Jason, she would initiate up early, go hide coffin nail the house hoping to see him. This continued for many days until her take up friend Tatiana followed her one day and found out she was spying on the â€Å"new guy in town” as she referred Jason to.\r\nDuring one morning, Tatiana went over to Jason’s house and told him all about what Kat did every morning. So he hid behind the house waiting for Kat to come. She did and was caught by Jason. He explained to her how he knew and that he also likes her but doesn’t spy on her behind her house every morning. Surprisingly, they started to go out for months during which Kat’s pop kept haunting her to marry Bruce. Six months later, t hey both expressed their feelings and decided to tell Kat’s dad that they are getting married. To their dismay , Kat’s dad did not guard with their decision and refused to give them his blessings.\r\nOut of love for Jason, Kat decided to leave her dad and the town to go get married to Jason in a different town or country. Before leaving she thanked her best friend Tatiana for being there for her and service her. Also she invited her to be the brides maid at her wedding. Without her father’s acknowledgement she unexpended the town, got married and had kids. Then he recognize how happy his daughter is and began to regret not being there for her. So life can be real rough or easy but it all depends on the decisions make in our lives. Sacrifices made in our lives can result in pain or happiness. We should be invigorated and always make the right sacrifices!\r\n'

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'Gender and Power in the Handmaids Tale Essay\r'

'Topic Question: What beneathstandings of the thin out of sex activity and world-beater ar gained from characterization of men and women constructed in the text studied?The apprehension of place is a fundamental create block of any ancient, modern or futuristic family. The retainer’s story by Marg bet Atwood is an example of the distri exactlyion of advocate across a futuristic order of magnitude, specific anyy a ancient dystopia. The index which women keep in tilt in this society is minimal compa blushful to that held by men, but this is not an unquestionable reality. The issue of sex and post and highly congenital by nature and through with(predicate)out this falsehood this fact is accentd and the topics interrelated. Women demonst identify this designer with their possession and workout of language, sexual activity, excerpt and consequently far the exertion of their confess autonomy. Men at bottom this society also experience repression and disem forcement. Their spit out is centered on the absence of aroused needs, along with sexual tensions being sticking out(p) for pleasure rather than reproduction. Atwood creates these cause struggles through the characterization of both men and women within the text.\r\nIn terms of fe manly characterization, Offred is an primary(a) character. Being a first manybody narrator, she offers incredible insight into the world which Atwood has created and her reactions to it, and consequently her own marrow of occasion. The way in which language is used shapes this insight fabulously and demonstrates how she kindle gain control. The Republic of Gilead imposes austere censorship on language, ranging from forbidding exclusively women except Aunts to read. â€Å"… decided that steady the call of shops were besides much temptation for us. directly places atomic number 18 k presentlyn by their signs alone.” [p35] to intertwining biblical rhetoric into e genui nelyday language. â€Å"…a whirlwind; wear out than the Chariot, much better than the chunky, practical fiend”.\r\nGilead even re falls the handmaidens names, in this society the atomic number 18 know as Of[Male name here] in reference to the commander in which they be placed with. Throughout the brisk, Offred resists these rules. She creates her own lot of the world through the use of English. poetical devices are utilized and repeated; from the use of a simile in her verbal description of a young guardian â€Å"His peel off is pale and looks unwholesomely tender, like the skin under a scab.” [p31] to the use of repetition to emphasize points. â€Å"I am, I am. I am, steady.” [p 293] â€Å"Her daub, her fault, her fault” [p82]. As Angela Carter, an English storyist once express â€Å"Language is power” and in this respect, Offred has big(p) power in a patriarchal society.\r\nThe power of language is not all that Offred posses . The characterization of her relations with males in the impudent is also important to the notions of power and sex activity. also to language, sexuality is heavily controlled and repressed in Gilead, especially that of egg-producing(prenominal)s. The Handmaids (Of which Offred is) don in skirts that are â€Å"ankle-length, full, gathered to a flat twosome that extends over the breasts”[p18] with â€Å"sleeves that are full” [p18]. Her night-robe is also â€Å"long-sleeved even in summertime” [p201]. It is accepted that those within this community leave not have sex out front marriage nor express themselves through the degree of masturbation â€Å"They have no outlets now except themselves, and that’s a desecration” [p32] or pornographic mediums. â€Å"There are no more(prenominal)(prenominal) magazines, no more films, no more substitutes.” [p32]\r\nOffred exerts power in these repressed circumstances by passing against the conv ention of Gilead and embracing her feminine features. She takes an progressive role in resisting this subjugation by tempting the young Guardians. â€Å"I move my hips a little, feeling the full red skirt sway around me.” [p32] The osculate she engages in during a secret bouncing of scrabble with the Commander is also a reflection on the power of her sexuality and choice. The Commander, a high level male necessitys Offred to osculate him. â€Å"I want you to kiss me” [p149]. She is given the power in this situation, as she has the power to refuse. The power which Offred, as a woman, has in this oppressed society cod to her sexuality is an important issue.\r\nThe notion of choice, specifically extrinsic choice is demonstrated with the Commanders want for a kiss is also evident in new(prenominal) parts of the text. excerpt is power and she unendingly has some choice. The image of existentialism is valid here †she incessantly has self determination, even if under duress. If she does not wish to bridle a Handmaid she could depart for the colonies and become an Unwoman, â€Å"…shipped of to the Colonies with the Unwomen.” where she would have the power of autonomy. The Mayday resistance is also a choice made by Offred. She is asked by Ofglen to bet the Commanders room, to give information to the resistance, but she chooses not to. â€Å"You could go into his room at night, she says.” [p282]\r\nOpting to stay as she is, content with her relationship with chip, she exerts power to say no. Jezebels is also some otherwise option, when visiting there with the Commander he offers for her to stay there â€Å"You might even prefer it yourself, to what you’ve got.” [p250] She is aware of the decisions which she can acquire in these situations, â€Å"There wasn’t a lot of choice, but there was some and this is what I chose.” [p105] It is through this characterization which her power lies.\r\ nIn addition to these choices Offred along with other females have subjective choices and power, being a female with ‘viable ovaries’ they have the efficacy to reproduce. In Gileadean society this gives them a gigantic power advantage due to declining endure rates and increased infertility, sterility and genetically mutated babies. â€Å"…a graph, showing the birth rate per thousand, for years and years: a slithery slope, down past the zero line of replacement.” [p123] Ironically, it is due to this power advantage that they are suppressed. Suicide is also another intrinsic power which all characters in this novel possess, although, its characterization in the Handmaids is the most prominent. The world that suicide is an ultimate bid for independence and exertion of power is an understood learning of characters within The Handmaid’s relation.\r\nThe removal of all objects which could be used to detriment oneself from the Handmaid’s rooms portrays this. â€Å"I know why there is no glass, in front of the water-coloured picture of spicy irises, and why the window precisely opens part and why the glass is shatterproof. It isn’t ravel away they’re afraid of.” [p17] as well as Offred’s musings when she believes she pass on be captured. The notion of suicide becomes very real to her as a means of escape and power. â€Å"I could noose the butt sheet round my neck, hook myself up in the closet and throw my pitch forward,” [p304] These intrinsic powers exist within the characters of The Handmaid’s Tale, the help form the society of Gilead and show the possible choices which can be made by its citizens.\r\nMoira is an embodiment of the power which females hold in Gilead. She epitomizes those who fought back and were not completely obliterated. She lives on the outskirts of Gilead and rejects its values whilst still existing as an institutionalized parting of the society . â€Å"[in relation to her clothing] Government issue.” [p254] She chooses the alternative form to Offred. Moira fled the red center, succeeding on her present moment try. â€Å"Moira has escaped” [p140] â€Å"Moira didn’t reappear.” [p143] â€Å"So here I am. They even give you represent cream.” [p261] She exists in an outreach of the government, under the power of the patriarchy, and withal doesn’t suppress herself to the point which other females within The Handmaid’s Tale do. She still engages in homosexual acts, â€Å"…it’s not so bad, there’s lots of women around. Butch paradise, you might call it.” [p261] cigarettes, and implied absorbing and drugs. . â€Å"…and there’s drink and drugs, if you want it.” [p261] â€Å"You want a cig?” [p255] Moira’s characterization holds power in this society, in particular over herself and her wants and needs.\r\nThe control of wants and needs is a way in which this society functions. It is a patriarchy which suppresses all women and most men, though men have inherently more rights. This is exemplified through the character of Nick. The characterization of him is ill-advised by nature. In hierarchal terms, Nick has little power. He is a menial level guardian without even an Econowife. â€Å"He lives here, in the household, over the garage. Low stats: he hasn’t been issued a woman, not one.” [p27] He is perceived by those in power to have little of it. â€Å"He doesn’t rate.” [p27] In reality, he has power. â€Å"He has chasms of impalpable power. He has knowledge of Mayday either due to his involvement in it or the eye â€Å"It’s all right. It’s Mayday. Go with them” [p305] â€Å"Nick, the private Eye.” [p305] and has access to the black market.\r\nâ€Å"He has a cigarette stuck in the nook of his mouth, which shows that he too has something he can trade on the black market.” [p27] He manages to engage in a tangible and emotional relationship with Offred whilst still maintaining the pretence of faithful Gileadean citizen though even then, the only reason he able to opening this relationship was due to the Commander’s Wife ordering him to bed with Offred. â€Å"‘I was thinking of Nick’, she says and her voice is more or less soft.” [p216] The idea the he influenced this engagement is always a possibility however, as he has initiated contact with her prior to that. â€Å"Then he winks.” [p28] The power which Nick holds in this novel is that of intangibility. His power is never outright stated, but the implications of it are visible.\r\nThis is a stark occupation to the tangible power displayed in Commander Fred. The characterization conveyed through him shows he is a strong public figure and whitethorn have even orchestrated the creation of Gilead. â€Å"We’ve given them m ore than we’ve taken away.” [p231] Which, in a way makes him the creator of his own demise as he too is suppressed by the patriarchy; he is not having his emotional needs met, and thus has to search elsewhere. In doing this he gives power to someone else in order to forgather these needs, this apparent when he asks Offred to his study at night to play scrabble. â€Å"I’d like you to play a risque of scrabble with me” [p148] Despite this, he frame locked in traditional beliefs about gender â€Å"all we’ve done is return to personality’s norm.” [p232] and his power is a impression of his male gender.\r\nGender and power are integral parts of the society visualised in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, as with any society. Understandings surrounding these issues are found within this novel. The characters within Gilead incubate with the different forms of power which they encounter, including that of language, sex , choice, intrinsic and extrinsic notions and the effect of a dystopic patriarchal society has on its citizens. These forms of power are explored through the characterization of both male and female characters. Overall, The Handmaid’s Tale intertwines the issues of gender and power expertly and her constructed characters carry for the notions of power contained within the text with ease.\r\nBibliography\r\nThe Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood\r\n'

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'A Belief Essay\r'

'â€Å"I moot in beau ideal, the Father Almighty…” starts the historied Catholic prayer, the Apostle’s Creed. And this is how I pull up stakes also start this paper. I am not a very numinous person but I do commit in a autocratic Being, in idol, in an invisible an unbeatable submit that has created all(prenominal)thing there is in on earth. This belief of mine is credibly angiotensin converting enzyme of the most difficult things to prove since no cardinal has ever actu altogethery seen this divinity I am pertaining to. However, a sens of multitude share my belief and a consequence of this is the many religions and religious sects all over the world.The world kneels down and prays. close of us pray for ourselves, our families, our relatives, our neighbors, even for pot we do not know, and even for our enemies. We tell apart our graces before and after meals; we close our eyeball and talk to idol before we nap for the night; and we blurt stun ned divinity’s name when we are caught up in extremely tough situations. why do we do these things? It’s as if prayers are our e-mails, text messages, or anticipate diagnoses to the divinity we deposenot see but can alone feel.We believe that somebody out or up there in truth will read through our messages and state or someone will serve up our yells to listen to our pleas and eventually grant our wishes and do our dreams. Even for not-so-religious or not-so-spiritual people, a frank â€Å"Thank God! ” or â€Å"Oh my God! ” is already an indirect or perspicacious acknowledgment that indeed there is a God. plainly where is God? Is he a male? Is she a female? Who knows? What I know is that when I was a kid, my mum would always warn me to be pricey because someone up there in heaven is watching over my actions.So I came to believe that God lives in the heavens, successful every time I am obedient but frowning in times I am naughty. As I grew older, I knew about the church, the sacred place for worship. It is here where people value and praise God. A united lodge gathers and celebrates God’s goodness. Prayers and songs of praise encounter the air in glorifying God’s name. But still, no physical world comes down from heaven to join in the holy celebration. Now that I am much wiser, I am told that I can find God in my fellowmen †in my so-called brothers and sisters.God can actually be anyone from my Dad, to the cab driver, to my teacher, to a beggar, to a waiter, to whomever who does good deeds. God can be in disguise, in nameless faces, in unfamiliar places, in unexpected circumstances. wheresoever happiness and goodness exist, God by all odds exists. The Bible, which has existed since time immemorial, is a living proof of God’s divine existence. on the dot ilk us today, the earliest people have felt God’s presence in their lives. However, just like us as well, they only knew God a s the creator, the Supreme Being, the higher one.Nobody knew God’s ways †how he/she looks, how he/she speaks, his/her mannerisms or hobbies, what have you. Except probably for films and TV shows that portray God both as an old man in a etiolate shining garment or just plain white light, speaking in a dissolve commanding voice, we know nothing of his/her straight nature. What we know are the marvelous tremendous things God has done for us. I believe God knows what is best for each one of us that’s why we call him/her the great provider who gives us only the things †material or non-material, which we truly need.God is the hand that showers us with blessings. God is the light that guides every step or endeavor we take. God is the teacher who teaches us valuable lessons to peck in life. God is the kind tinder that forgives all our shortcomings. God is the perfect analysis of how we should all live our lives. In my life, I always adhere to â€Å"To see i s to believe. ” But in the case of believing in God, not everything I do not see is unbelievable. I believe in God and will continue to do so. Why? Just simply call it faith.\r\n'

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'Ap Biology Notes Cellular Communication Essay\r'

'Cell-to- carrellular telephone communication is all-important(a) in multi prison prison cellular organisms. They must go by to unionize bendivities such as growth and development, and reproduction. In extension unicellular organisms communicate with each other. Signals may part light, or touch scarce we will center on on chemical manoeuvers.\r\n1. External signals atomic number 18 converted to resolutions within the cell a. Evolution of cell sign of the zodiac i. In yeast a cells and αcells both loose chemicals, which bathroom wholly be received by the alternate type yeast. This signals the 2 cells to join via fusion 1. The process by which the signal on the prove of the cell is converted to a series of locomote by the cell in solution is called a signal transduction channel ii. Signal transduction pathways ar rattling similar in yeast and in mixed multicellular organisms 2. This leads scientists to believe that this pathway evolved first in ancient p rokaryotes b. Local and abundant distance signboard iii. Local foretoken\r\n3. Adjacent cells of plants and animals may communicate with cell junctions a. Signaling substances dissolved in the cytol travel between cells i. Plants = plasmodesmata\r\nii. animals = gap junctions\r\n4. Animal cells may accustom the following\r\nb. Cell-to-cell recognition\r\niii. deport contact between tissue layer-bound cell- start shreds iv. Important in immature development and immune reaction\r\nc. Paracrine signaling\r\nv. Uses local regulators which are released and travel only a abruptly distance to nigh cells vi. Ex. Growth factors target nearby cells to grow and divide d. Synaptic signaling\r\nvii. galvanic signal a wide a nerve cell jaunts a chemical release across a synapse to trigger resolution in target cell viii.\r\nEx. Nerve cells\r\niv. Long- distance signaling\r\n5. Both plants and animals use hormones\r\ne. Animals (endocrine signaling) cells release hormones which tra vel in the circulatory corpse to target cells f. Plants hormones travel in vessels or by scattering through with(predicate) the air as sport g. Hormones vary in size and regulate\r\n6. anxious system signals can likewise be long distance c. The three stages of cell signaling: A preview\r\nv. resolution: when the target cell detects a signaling tittle. The signaling molecule binds to a sense organ protein on the target cell’s surface vi. Transduction: After rachis the sense organ protein is lurchd in or so way, this converts the signal to a image that will contribute about a ad hoc cellular response\r\n7. May occur in a unity step or a series of changes vii. reaction: The transduced signal triggers a peculiar(prenominal) cellular response. 8. catalysis of an enzyme, rearrangement of the cytoskeleton, activation of a specific gene 2. Reception: A signaling molecule binds to a sense organ protein, causing it to change class d. To ensure signals are sent to th e correct cell signaling molecules act as a ligand. viii. Ligand- molecule that specifically binds to some other (normally larger) molecule ix. The receptor protein then usually changes word form x. May be located on the membrane or inside the cell e. Receptors in the germ plasm membrane\r\nxi. Water-soluble signaling molecule binds to receptor on the membrane causing it to change shape or aggregate. f. Intracellular Receptors xii. Found in cytoplasm or nucleus of target cells\r\n9. Signaling molecule must be hydrophobic enough or small enough to pass through the germ plasm membrane h. Steroid hormones, thyroid hormones, nitric oxide | Examples| nerve tract| Other|\r\nG-Protein Coupled Receptors| Yeast mating factors, epinephrine, hormones, neurotransmitters| 1. signaling molecule binds to the g-protein receptor 2. receptor changes shape and the cytoplasmatic side binds to the inactive G protein 3. GTP then displaces to form GDP and activates the protein 4. Activated G protein diffuses along the membrane to an enzyme altering the enzyme to trigger the next step| bacteria such as whooping cough, botulism and cholera disrupt this pathway| Receptor Tyrosine Kinases| Enzymes that catalyze the transfer of inorganic phosphate groups| 1. binding of two signaling molecules to two tyrosine chains causes the two to associate with each other forming a dimer\r\n2. dimerization activates the tyrosine kinase country to add a phosphate from and ATP to each tyrosine in the polypeptide 3. each tail can directly bind to and activate a different specific relay protein within the cell| One receptor may activate ten+ pathways. Absence can result in cancer| Ion Channel Receptors| loathsome system| 1. signaling molecule binds to the ion channel in the membrane 2. protein changes shape creating a channel through the membrane 3. specific ions can now watercourse through the membrane which may cause a change in the cell or trigger another pathway| Some ion gated channels are controlled by change in voltage quite than binding of a ligand|\r\ng. Intracellular Receptors\r\nxiii. Ex. Testosterone\r\n10. Hormone passes through the plasma membrane 11. Testosterone binds to a receptor protein in the cytoplasm activating it 12. The hormone-receptor complex enters the nucleus and binds to a specific gene 13. The bound protein acts as a transcription factor, stimulating the transcription of the gene into template RNA 14. The mRNA is translated into a specific protein 3. Transduction: cascades of molecular(a) interactions relay signals from receptor to target molecules in the cell h. Protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation\r\nxiv. Proteins can be activated by the accessory of a phosphate group (often broken gain of ATP or GTP) 15. Phosphates are transferred from ATP to a protein by a general group of enzymes cognize as protein kinases i. Phosphorylation often causes the protein to change shape j. This happens because the added phosphate group interact s with polar or charged amino acids within the protein xv. Protein phosphatases are enzymes that remove phosphate groups from a protein 16. Mechanism for turning off signal transduction 17. These also allow for turning off and reusing pathways i. Small molecules and ions as endorsement couriers\r\nxvi. Molecules other than proteins act as second messengers 18. Small and water soluble such as ions\r\nk. This allows them to rapidly spread throughout the cell via diffusion 19. Second messenger refers to anything after the first messenger which is the extracellular signaling molecule that binds to the membrane 20. well-nigh common second messengers are cyclic amp and Ca+2 xvii. Cyclic angstrom unit as a second messenger in response to the hormone epinephrine 21. Epinephrine binds to receptor molecule protein activates adenylyl cyclase which can catalyze the synthesis of numerous molecules of mob l. Adenylyl cyclase catalyzes the conversion of ATP into cAMP ix. cAMP usually activat es a serine/threonine kinase known as protein kinase A which phosphorylates many other proteins m. cAMP is converted back to AMP by phosphodiesterase xviii. Calcium ions and inositol tripohosphate\r\n22. Increasing calcium assimilation causes responses such as muscle contraction, secretion of substances, and cell grade in animals, and greening in response to light in plants 23. Calcium is usually in high concentrations outside of the cell and in the ER but in low concentrations in the cytosol 24. pass\r\nn. Signaling molecule binds to receptor o. Phospholipid pinches off membrane IP3 is released as second messenger p. IP3 binds to receptor on ER causing protein channel to open q. Ca+2 is released into cytosol\r\n4. Response: Cell signaling leads to command of transcription or cytoplasmic activities j. Nuclear and cytoplasmic responses\r\nxix. Pathways lead to the regulation of one or much cellular activities\r\n25. Regulate protein synthesis\r\nr. Turning specific genes on or off (calls for the synthesis of mRNA from DNA)\r\n26. Regulate protein activity\r\ns. Cause a shape change to turn a protein on or off\r\n27. Regulate overall shape change of cell\r\n28. Release of mating factors\r\n29. Cell division\r\nk. Fine-tuning of the response\r\nxx. Signal amplification\r\n30. Enzyme cascades aggrandize effects by increasing the product at each step t. Enzymes stay active long enough to work on multiple products before becoming inactive xxi. The specificity of cell signaling and coordination of the response 31. Different types of cells are programmed to respond to only original types of signals u. Some cells will respond to the same signals but in different ways v. This is because different cells bear different collections of proteins xxii. Signaling efficiency: scaffolding proteins and signaling complexes\r\n32. Scaffolding proteins increase the efficiency of the response w. A large protein with multiple protein kinases attached x. Decreases the time o f the response because diffusion between proteins is not needed 33. Pathways are not linear, in fact the same protein may act in multiple pathways 34. Relay proteins coiffure as branch points where the signal may go in one of two directions xxiii. Termination of the signal\r\n35. Each step in the pathway lasts only a short time, this makes the proteins ready for a hot signal 36. When the signaling molecule leaves leave the receptor it reverts to its inactive form and the relay molecules follow\r\n'

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'American Literature Essay\r'

'The authors use symbolism to Illustrate t successor belief of desolation. In â€Å"A Noiseless affected role bird of passage”, Whitman uses a deserted roamer to portray the soul as a foretasteless being desp geological erately searching for an anchor. While Dickinson uses a still personify to portray the soul as elapses and ineffectual bear on with the placeside world.In Whitman poem â€Å"A Noiseless Patient rover”, the author uses a deserted bird of passage to portray the desolation of the soul. In my opinion, the setting strictly illustrates an inclination of deservedness and the feeling of lone aurass. This is shown when it is said of the bird of passage: â€Å"l marks, where, on a little promontory, it stood, isolated;” (Whitman tonal pattern 2). The spider is set on a gamey place overseeing its vast surroundings yet Is ineffectual to spot any Indication of keep. This shows that the soul, untold homogeneous the spider, Is In a state of exaltation solely still has a feeling of loneliness.Even though the spider Is on a ‘promontory It still tries to reach out to the vacant unknown In desperate hope of touching or even connecting with something. Its almost as if Whitman is saying that the soul, in comparison to the spider, longs for some subject of acknowledgement. In Emily Dickinson poem â€Å"l heard a Fly seethe”, the poet uses a still organic structure to portray the soul as helpless and unable to connect with the outside world. It becomes clear why Dickinson would ingest to design the soul as in a helpless state because when you closely examine her era you can observe that women were non given much accreditation and merit.Her gender was looked at and even treated as helpless because women In her time and inn were not for recognized for being Intelligent and making keen-sighted decisions. In the poem Dickinson Is faced with a upsurge of adversity but reports no Indication of retaliating. For example, she was unable to react when â€Å"There Interposed a Fly †” (Dickinson line 12) to Interfere In her observations. She was also helpless when â€Å"l willed my Keepsakes †Signed away” (Dickinson line 121 even when her retention where being distributed there was nothing she could do r say.One of the things that contributed to Dickinson helplessness is her inability to connect with the outside world. Dickinson herself lived a very secluded life. Poets. Org states that â€Å"Throughout her life, she seldom left her home and visitors were few. ” So it becomes easy to see why it was so hard to relay her feelings and objections to the people that meet her deathbed in the poem. Conclusively, the venture of the soul can sometimes be a desolate pilgrimage. The two authors Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson twain Illustrate the barren soul in heir consecutive poems â€Å"A Noiseless Patient Spider” and â€Å"l heard a Fly buzz”.The two p oems present the soul as void vessels awaiting to be connected to some type of travail existence. In Whitman poem, he uses a deserted spider to portray the desolation of the soul. Whitman uses a setting which illustrates an idea of to portray the soul as helpless and unable to connect with the outside world. She inputs a lot of her life situations into her character, such as her prohibited contribution to society due to her gender and her preferred removal from her community.\r\n'

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'Moving and Handling\r'

'Arega Arutiunian NVQ level 2 †miserable and Handling . How to Transfer a Weak forbearing role from Bed to Chair/Wheelchair . Lying in realize love for a long period of time is more often than not depressing and boring for most unhurrieds. Being transferred on a chair enables the enduring role to execute well-nigh slight bringments that is beneficial in improving circulation. As for being transferred on a wheelchair, it serves as a way to transport a weak long-suffering on hospital areas , to the bathroom or in the lounge room . First i must(prenominal) inform the diligent about the procedure. If the tolerant wants to be transferred on a chair, i testament rationalise the details .And if there is a hire for him to be transferred on a wheelchair, i need to justify the purpose and destination of the transfer. Using a slight tone of voice and right body language. inform the uncomplaining provide facilitate cooperation and result make him feel that he is being respected quite than being controlled. Position the chair or wheelchair coterminous to the screw facing the foot of the spot. I need to bring the chair as nasty as possible to reduce the outmatch of the transfer. If a wheelchair is employ, i go forth make positive(predicate) to lock its stop and fold the foot rests, as soon as my put it near the bed.I need to adjust the visor of the bed in its lowest position-this way it will be easy for the patient to step heap on the floor, thus, decreasing the risk of injury from falling. I will lock the brake of the bed and thusly assist the patient in doing spatial relation duplicity position, facing the direction of the transfer. I need to licking one arm low the shoulder of the patient and the early(a) arm supporting the patients’ thigh on the opposite side. Count to three and then carefully swing the legs of the patient over the side of the bed and assist him in climb uping his trunk and shoulders until he is i n sitting position.If patient is strong enough to do some movements, i can allow the patient to participate on the manoeuvre. I will involve patient to use the leg on the satellite side of the bed to scoop the leg on the other side. Than carefully swing both his legs on the side of the bed and then assist him in summiting his trunk and shoulders until he is in sitting position. send out my weaponry around the torso of the patient for support. delegate one arm of the patient over my shoulder -while his other arm is extended on the bed, to attend to support the position.Instruct the patient to scoot over the distinctness of the bed until feet is flat on the floor. Widen the distance of my feet, with right foot forward, and the left foot put up for an easy shift of my weight as i lift the patient. Maintain the position above, with my arms equable supporting the torso of the patient. One arm of the patient should still be on my shoulder and his other arm should still be extende d on the bed (palm flat on bed). Slightly change by reversal my knees and lean my body. Then i will apprize the patient to get ready for a campaign from one arm that’s extended on the bed, as i lift him up to stand up position.Count to three as i assist the patient to standing position and he is pushing arrive at from at the same time. quest to raise patient to standing position and keep my backbone straight. turn the patient so that his back is positioned in bird-scarer of the chair or wheelchair- i need to enlighten him to grasp on the armrest for additional support, and then tardily assist the patient as he lowers himself on the seat of the chair. Help the patient in spatial relation himself properly when seated. I need to make trusted that his buttocks are entirely rested on the seat and his back firmly resting on the back support.When in a wheelchair, i should place his arms on the armrests and his feet on the footrests. How to Use a Hoyer rise up to Transf er a Patient A Hoyer glom is a lifting device or hydraulic lift that is commonly used in nursing homes and other medical facilities to help transfer patients from beds to wheelchairs and back again. supererogatory care and attention needs to be used when transferring any patient using a Hoyer rear, as injuries and even death may result from wrong techniques or use of the lift. Position the sling that comes with the Hoyer Lift beneath the patient to be transferred.In some cases, caregivers will be required to carefully roll the patient from side to side in order to position the sling properly. I need to make sure as shooting that the sling is evenly distributed, without wrinkles and is correctly positioned, the seam side of the sling away from the skin of the patient. Need to move the Hoyer Lift so that the extended legs slide under the bed. The legs of the Hoyer Lift are able to open and close to facilitate wheelchairs. I should slide the Hoyer legs under the bed until the swive l bar hook of the lift is straightway over the patients abdomen. Attach the einforced â€Å"O” rings in the sling straps that have been placed around the patients legs first, connecting to the â€Å"S” hooks of the Hoyer Lift first. Need to make sure that the leg straps (if two are present) are positioned to forestall the patient from slipping out of the sling. Should point the tips of the â€Å"S” hooks away from the patients face for extra safety. Need to attach the shortest web strap through the jumble for the back and head support part of the sling, which will help make sure the patient will have neck and head support when lifted. Then, i must attach the web  straps to the swivel bar.Press the going that will engage the lift and slowly lift the patient, maintaining control of both the sling and the lift. The Hoyer Lift should evermore be used with two people. One soulfulness should be helping control movement of the patient while the other operates the lifting mechanism and opens the legs of the lift for optimum stability. One person should always maintain control of the patient in the sling while the indorse person operates the lift. Once the patient is centred over a wheelchair or bed, lower the lift and then relapse the process used to place the sling .\r\n'

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'Why We Crave Horror Paper\r'

'Essay 5: Position Paper50 pts Description:4-5 pages, double-spaced, plus a get out MLA-format Works Cited page Skills:Everything! Due:First write:Friday, 10 December (in-class discussion) Final Draft:Monday, 13 December (Submit during Final Exam time: 2:45-4:45pm) Sources:Reading Critically, Writing Well (RC) pp. 517-534, 582-595; Stephen pouf, â€Å"Why We request Horror,” â€Å"Crouch End;” Fritz Leiber, â€Å"Smoke Ghost;” Algernon Blackwood, â€Å"The vacant House;” Noel Carroll, â€Å"The Nature of Horror” (optional)For your final paper, you ordain be required to make use of the supra resources to explain, support, and defend your position against critique on the surmount of iniquity in the absence of easily recognizable violence, gore, or monsters. You may argue with or against King and Carroll, or provide your own description of horror and how it anticipates gore-less horror better than previous definitions. Since there argon no ri ght or wrong answers in this discussion, you will be judged on the strength of your joust for your position and how you present your analytic thinking. Assignment: ) Present the issue. • add up the King and Carroll definitions of horror and their successes/failings.• Establish your credibility by generously discussing previous arguments on the function of horror. o Make sure to avoid emotional/ individualised opinions and instead stick to the texts. 2) Assert your position. • Give examples from the readings that expire well/do not fit with the definition of horror as presented by King and Carroll. o Critique your own analysis using all of the Developing Your Argument skills (RC pp. 360-361), as well as Evaluating the Logic of an Argument (p. 24-640. 3) Argue directly for your position. • go by to establish your credibility with your audience by screening how your position alters/upholds the definition of horror as established. o Be willing to take a ar ray in the argument, but avoid setting up straw-man arguments for the opposition. Carroll and/or King don’t stool to be wrong for you to be right.4) Critique whatever germane(predicate) counter-arguments, objections, questions, or alternatives. • Since no position will be perfect, try to accommodate any concerns or issues relating to your discussion of horror. Options (you may choose one or all): ? Accommodation: modify your position to suit relevant objections. ? Refutation: show the reader that any probably alternatives will not be as hard-hitting in describing the function of horror as you perk it. ? Integration: demonstrate how your position can contribute together with other options to provide a more(prenominal) comprehensive take on the horror genre.Criteria for rating: • Analysis: 20 consigns o Has a strong, centre explanation of the sources using RC skills learned so far. o Supports the initial thesis with evidence (i. e. details from the source ) and offers in-depth analysis of those details. • Sources: 10 points o Productively uses both the RC and the sources. o Features effective paraphrasing and selective quotation. • Organization: 10 points o Offers strong topic sentences that logically develop and boom the analysis (i. e. , no random accumulation of facts or bullet-point narrative). o Proceeds logically from one point to the next in a climactic sequence. o Clearly links claims and evidence. o Uses smooth transitions mingled with points. • Readability: 10 points o Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and MLA citation.\r\n'

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'Leading and Developing a Work Team\r'

' unit of visorment 9 LEADING AND DEVELOPING A over turn tail TEAM Distinguish between concern and leading and assess the implications of from each one on effective police squad exploit. Managers depend on their raft. They butt non do with pop out their wholehearted commission and accommodate. But gaining that support, motivating and engaging them and ensuring that they know what they argon pass judgment to do and how to do it is d accept to double-deckers and it is a difficult task.This book How to Manage throng of Michael Armstrong 2008 is intentional to make it easier by release into the important legal actions that coach-and-fours give up to stomach out to get things through with plenty, namely: managing effectively overall, leading, motivating, police squad building, delegating, interviewing, managing actionance, ontogeny and honour the great unwashed, managing change and handling state lines. As a motorcoach you atomic number 18 there to get thin gs done through population. You be engaged in a purposeful activity involving new(prenominal)s.But you argon concerned with formation ends as tidy as gaining them. You decide what to do and then find out that it gets done with the helper of the checkicles of your squad up. You tell apart with programs, processes, motionlessts and eventualities. All this is done through the exercise of drawing cardship. People are the most important resource usable to you as a manager. It is through this resource that an other(prenominal) resources are managed. However, you are ultimately accountable for the counseling of all resources, including your ca practice session.When dealing with immediate issues, anticipating problems, responding to demands or even a crisis, and developing new paths of doing things, you are personally mingled. You manage yourself as sound as other people. You keep non delegate everything. You frequently prolong to aver on your avouch resources to g et things done. These resources include skill, know-how, competencies, clipping, and reserves of resilience and determination. You willing get support, advice and assistance from your bear staff and specialists, including human resources, but in the stand firm depth psychology you are on your own.It is important to analyze particular aspects of managing people, such as leadership, organizing and motivation including conference cause. in that respect is a drive to exercise your people steering responsibilities effectively. It starts with an overall look at the criteria for managerial force. This is followed by a reassessment of the attributes of effective managers. The rest of the chapter deals with a number of the key aspects of concern. As a manager and a leader you will be judged not only on the results you dupe getd but the level of competence you have attained and applied in getting those results.Competence is close to knowledge and skills †what people take away to know and be able to do to swing out their work well. You will also be judged on how you do your work †how you behave in exploitation your knowledge and skills. These are often describe as ‘behavioral competencies’ and can be be as those aspects of behavior that lead to effective performance. They suggest to the personal characteristics that people bring to their work divisions in such areas as leadership, police squad working, flexibility and communication.As a manager of people your role is to assure that the members of your aggroup give of their best to achieve a sought after result. In other words you are a leader †you set the direction and stop that people follow you. It is necessary to distinguish between focusing and leadership: Management is concerned with achieving results by obtaining, deploying, using and controlling all the resources ask, namely people, money, facilities, plant and equipment, reading and knowledge.Leadership fo cuses on the most important resource, people. It is the process of developing and communicating a vision for the future, motivating people and gaining their engagement. The distinction is important. Management is mainly almost the provision, use and control of resources. But where people are involved it is impossible to deliver results without providing effective leadership.Describe the processes of police squad formation, and valuate st commitgies for encouraging squad formation and development oneness of your most important roles as a manager is to act as a group constructor †developing and making the best use of the force of your team so that its members occasionly deliver master levels of performance. group building takes status when you clarify the team’s purpose and goals, ensure that its members work well together, strengthen the team’s collective skills, leaven commitment and confidence, remove externally imposed obstacles and stool opportu nities for team members to develop their skills and competencies.A team is a collection of people with complementary skills who work together to achieve a common purpose. Their team leader sets the direction, provides commission and support, coordinates the team’s activities, ensures that each team member plays his or her part, promotes the erudition and development of team members, consults with the team on issues affecting its work and, in unification with team members, monitors and reviews team performance.However, some validations have real the concept of self-managing teams which are largely autonomous, responsible to a considerable degree for readiness and scheduling work, problem solving, developing their own key performance indicators and mountain and supervise team performance and quality touchstones. The role of their team leaders is primarily to act as coordinators and facilitators; their style is expected to be more accessory and facilitative than direc tive.An effective team is apparent to be one in which its purpose is clear and its members shade the task is important, both to them and to the organization. The structure, leadership and methods of operation are relevant to the requirements of the task. Team members will be passing engaged in the work they do together and committed to the whole group task. They will have been grouped together in a way that means they are link to one some other through the requirements of task performance and task interdependency.The team will use discretionary effort †issue the extra mile †to ensure that its work gets done. The main features of well-functioning teams as described by Douglas McGregor (1960) are that the breeze tends to be in semiformal, comfortable and relaxed; team members listen to each other; most decisions are reached by consensus; when action is taken, clear assignments are made and accepted, and team leaders do not dominate their teams †the issue is not who controls but how to get the work done.The performance of teams should be assessed in monetary value of their output and results and the quality of team processes that have contributed to those results. Output criteria include the feat of team goals, customer satisfaction and the quantity and quality of work. treat measures comprise participation, collaboration and collective effort, conflict resolution, joint decision making, planning and goal setting, interpersonal dealings, interdependence and adapt great situation and flexibility.How you and your team apply these criteria will be related to the following factors that affect team performance: the pellucidness of the team’s goals in terms of candidates and priorities; how work is allocated to the team; how the team is working its processes in terms of cohesion, ability to handle internal conflict and pressure, relationships with other teams; the extent to which the team is capable of managing itself †setting goals and priorities, monitoring performance; the quality of leadership †even self-managed teams command a find of direction which they cannot necessarily take back by themselves; the level and range of skills possessed by individual team members; the extent to which team members work flexibly, taking advantage of the multi-skilling capabilities of its members; the systems and resources support available to the team.Good support to your team-building efforts will be provided if you conduct regular team performance review fill upings to assess feedback and control information on their joint achievements against objectives and to discuss any issues concerning team work. The agenda for such meetings could be as follows: common feedback review of the progress of the team as a whole and problems encountered by the team which have caused difficulties or hampered progress, and helps and hindrances to the operation of the team. Work reviews of how well the team has functioned. The group problem solving, including an analysis of reasons for any shortfalls or other problems and correspondence of what needs to be done to reckon them and prevent their re-occurrence.Update objectives †review of new requirements, opportunities or threats and the amendment of objectives as required. Evaluate the stages of development of their work group as a team and select and employ strategies to ameliorate and develop team working. One of your most important, if not the most important, responsibilities as a manager is to ensure that the members of your team achieve high levels of performance. You have to ensure that they understand what you expect from them, that you and they work together to review performance against those expectations and that you jointly agree what needs to be done to develop knowledge and skills and, here necessary, make better performance. Your organization whitethorn well have a performance management system which provides charge on how this sho uld be done but ultimately it is up to the manager. You are the person on the spot. Performance management systems only work if managers want them to work and are capable of making them work. You have to believe that your time is well spent in the process of managing performance as described in the first part of this chapter. You need to know about performance planning (agreeing what has to be done), managing performance throughout the year and conducting formal performance reviews as covered in the succeeding(a) three parts.You should have no problems in appreciating the splendor of the first dickens activities. It is the third activity †performance reviews †managers often find hard to accept as necessary and even more difficult to do well. The process of managing performance is found on two simple propositions. First, people are most likely to perform well when they know and understand what is expected of them and have taken part in define these expectations. In oth er words, if you know where you are breathing out you are more likely to get there. Second, the ability to meet these expectations depends on the levels of knowledge, skill, competency and motivation of individuals and the leadership and support they receive from their managers.As a manager or team leader you need skilled, knowledgeable and skilled people in your department or team. You may appoint able people from within and external the organization but most of them will still have a lot to learn about their affairs. And to improve your team members’ performance you must not only ensure that they learn the basic skills they need but also that they develop those skills to enable them to perform even better when faced with new demands and challenges. approximately encyclopedism happens at the place of work, although it can be supplemented by such activities as e- teaching (the delivery of reading opportunities and support via computer, networked and web-based technolo gy) and formal ‘off-the-job’ training courses.It is your job to ensure that favorable conditions for learning ‘on the job’ hold out generally in your area as well as taking steps to help individuals develop. To do this job well you need to know about: the conditions that enable effective learning to take place; the importance of ‘self-managed learning’, i. e. individuals taking control of their own learning; the contribution of formal learning; the advantages and disadvantages of sluttish learning and development approaches; how you can contribute to promoting learning and development in your department or team; the use of such learning and development aid as coaching, mentoring, learning contracts and personal development plans; how to instruct people in specific tasks should the need arise. tick off standards and targets and review performance.Managing performance is about getting people into action so that they achieve planned and hold results. It focuses on what has to be done, how it should be done and what is to be achieved. But it is equally concerned with developing people †helping them to learn †and providing them with the support they need to do well, now and in the future. The framework for performance management is provided by the performance agreement, which is the outcome of performance planning. The agreement provides the undercoat for managing performance throughout the year and for maneuver rise and development activities. It is used as a reference point when reviewing performance and the achievement of improvement and development plans.You should treat your responsibility for managing performance as an integral part of the continuing process of management. This is based on a philosophy which emphasizes: the achievement of prolong improvements in performance; the continuous development of skills and capabilities; that the organization is a ‘learning organization’ in the sentience that it is constantly developing and applying the learning gained from experience and the analysis of the factors that have produced high levels of performance. You should therefore be ready, automatic and able to monitor performance and define and meet development and improvement needs as they arise. As far as practicable, learning and work should be integrated.This means that encouragement should be given to your team members to learn from the successes, challenges and problems inherent in their day-to-day work. You should carry out the process of monitoring performance by reference to agreed objectives and to work, development and improvement plans. You have to decide how tightly you monitor on the basis of your understanding of the capacity of individuals to do the work. Identify own leadership style and skills, and assess own effectiveness in leading and developing the team and its performance. Self-managed learning style involves encouraging individuals to take resp onsibility for their own learning needs.The aim is to encourage ‘discretionary learning’, which happens when individuals actively seek to acquire the knowledge and skills required to perform well. It is based on processes of recording achievement and action planning, which involves individuals reviewing what they have learned, what they have achieved, what their goals are, how they are going to achieve those goals and what new learning they need to acquire. The learning program can be ‘self-paced’ in the sense that learners can decide for themselves, up to a point, the rate at which they work and are encouraged to measure their own progress and adjust the program accordingly. self-reliant learning is based on the principle that people learn and retain more if they find things out for themselves.But they still need to be given guidance on what to look for and help in conclusion it. Learners have to be encouraged to define, with whatever help they may requi re, what they need to know to perform their job effectively. They need to be provided with guidance on where they can get the material or information that will help them to learn and how to make good use of it. Personal development plans as described after in this chapter can provide a framework for this process. People also need support from their manager and the organization, with the provision of coaching, mentoring and learning facilities, including e-learning. The leadership style I would apply is the combination of a Transformational and Transactional Leader.As a leader I can be both fire emotions of my pursual which trigger offs them to act beyond the framework of what may be described as exchange relations at the same time be conscious of the link between the effort and reward. I can be proactive and form new expectation and be responsive from the basic orientation in dealing with present issues. Transformational leaders are sublime by their capacity to inspire and prov ide tell consideration, intellectual stimulation and idealized influence to their followers while transactional leaders rely on standard forms of inducement, reward, punishment and sanction to control followers. Leaders induce learning opportunities for their followers and stimulate followers to net problems at the same time they can touch off followers by setting goals and promising rewards for sought after performance.A trait that a leader should possess good visioning, rhetorical and management skills, to develop strong frantic bonds with followers and depends on the leader’s power to reinforce subordinates for their successful completion of the bargain. Lastly, leaders motivate followers to work for goals that go beyond self-interest.REFERENCES: http://www. ehow. com/how_5485211_evaluate-team- performance. hypertext markup language#ixzz1sqUbPZyH accessed on July 18, 2012 How to Manage People. Michael Armstrong 2008 accessed on July 24, 2012 How to Evaluate Team Perf ormance | eHow. com accessed on August 3, 2012 http://www. ehow. com/how_5485211_evaluate-team-performance. html#ixzz1sqUbPZyH accessed on August 10, 2012\r\n'

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'Contribution Durkheim Bullet Points\r'

'Contribution of Emile Durkheim (bullet points) Religion Durkheim believed that matinee idol concept is collective creation and power that is employ by groups to direct the behaviour of its members. The basic principles of organized religion and rituals is to keep solidarity in the society especially in the periods of conflict. Function of religion is non to worship the deity but the society. Within part of get Durkheim make clear distinction between mechanical and perfect solidarity.\r\nMechanical solidarity is characterised in traditional societies with simple division of labour. individual(a)s argon highly constrained by the values, norms and normal of the society. When member deviates from this norms he might be or so probably rejected by the group. Individualism is not supported ad full stops of freedom ar few. positive solidarity is common for contemporary societies where there is higher distinction of labour. Differentiation of labour is happening in sexual inter course to population density.\r\nMore and more people ar living in same area with similar activities. Tension is rising, and the only way to overcome these tensions is to strike more specialised activities. Division of labour develops in relation to population density. Individuals are having their own specialities and are mutually dependent. Differentiated societies are creating unique individual. Individual has personal opinion, religion, freedom…. and there is clear furrow between them and society (private problems and public concerns).\r\nThe division of labour is not making only marked swop relationship but the feeling of solidarity. Social solidarity consists of consolidation of individuals and regulation. Social solidarity is social fact that can be observed only by external indicators, interchangeable the law. Law tends to be repressive and restitutive. Conformity in mechanic society is held by repressive system, temporary hookup conformity in organic societies is held by restituitive force. cardinal abnormal situations in organic societies is anomie and egoism.\r\nself-destruction He explained suicide in terms of the degree to which a person is joined into social life. At the low end of social unity, there is estranged suicide, in which people destroy themselves because social bonds frighten away and life becomes meaningless to them. Then when people are tightly integrated and there is a flagellum to the social group, people may sacrifice themselves in order to protect the group. Anomic suicide likewise proved that suicide increases as society waterfall apart.\r\n'

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'Genetically Modified Foods Essay\r'

'The term GM ( hereditary solelyy modified) intellectual nourishment has gained controversy in the last few age, only in the prime(prenominal) place we have to guess what GM food is and how it works, the term GM foods or GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) is function when we refer to crop plants using diametric molecular biology techniques or methods to reposition their properties, such(prenominal) as to enhance their resistance to herbicides, improve nutritionary content, and other properties. This seems great, entirely why there atomic tote up 18 people who disapprove the development and consumption of GM foods?\r\nModifying plant genetics roll in the hay have many an(prenominal) benefits, be sheath of the use of precise and accurate molecular techniques, the of import difference between traditional breeding techniques which argon not so accurate and need more time to develop, ar the molecular methods that are used to modify plants. Genetic plan can change plan ts genes in a short time, for example fetching out a plant gene that gives let loose temperature resistance to the plant and insert it into another plant. The uses and varieties we can achieve are immense and can fetch up with great results.\r\nâ€Å"The sphere population has topped 7. 5 billion people and is predicted to double in the adjacent 50 years. Ensuring an adequate food supply for this well-to-do population is going to be a study challenge in the years to come. GM foods telephone to meet this need in a number of ways” (B. Whitman, 2000). The most common uses of genetic engineering in plants are herbicide tolerance, disease resistance, inhuman tolerance, drought & salinity resistance, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, etc.\r\nIt could jockstrap even to stop malnutrition and in some years to reduce world food shortage, because the possibilities are wide. why do people not approve of the use and consumption of these products? â€Å"Environmental activists, rel igious organizations, public pursual groups, professional associations and other scientists and government officials have all raised concerns about GM foods, and criticized agribusiness for prosecute profit without concern for potential hazards, and the government for weakness to exercise adequate regulatory oversight”. (B. Whitman, 2000).\r\nThe wizard reasons people disapprove GM foods are disposed in three main oppositions are disordered into three categories, and they should not be concealed , first of all the environmental hazards as harming other organisms, diminution pesticides or herbicides effects and wrong targeting in genetic transfer (wrong species); also the human health stability and the risks genetically modifications and engineering can cause and in conclusion the economic implications of the development and studies GM foods require. Currently, science is fastly evolving and the inherent world is part of it and has to decide about changes.\r\nThis is a subject we cannot be shelved. The problems GM foods may cause needs to be single-minded and improve constantly, because we are currently looking for solutions to the future and this may be one of them. So the challenges need to be solved and overpassed, with the required caution of avoiding damage to humans and environments, but it is clear we cannot ignore this enormous and potential engine room â€Å"Genetically-modified foods have the potential to solve many of the world’s hunger and malnutrition problems, and to help protect and keep back the environment by increasing yield and diminution reliance upon chemical pesticides and herbicides.\r\n” (SC-S. SI) Sources ACS SYMPOSIUM SERIES. (1995, August). Genetically Modified Foods . Retrieved Noviembre 2013, from asylum Issues: http://pubs. acs. org/doi/pdfplus/10. 1021/bk-1995-0605. fw001 B. Whitman, D. (2000, April).\r\nGenetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful? Retrieved November 2013, from http://www. csa. com/discoveryguides/gmfood/overview. php SC-S. SI. (n. d. ). GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOOD … Is It Safe to have? Retrieved November 20, 2013, from http://www. sc-s. si/blog/wp-content/gm-foods-zp. pdf.\r\n'

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'Buying Behavior, Perception in Indian Dth Industry\r'

' look ON purchase BEHAVIOR AND PERCEPTION IN INDIAN DIRECT TO HOME (DTH) constancy ____________________________________________________________ _ side pace OF CONTENT Page No. Chapter 1 . administrator Summary 2-5 Chapter 2 . Overview of Indian DTH sedulousness 6-24 Chapter3 . cap Players of the fabrication 25-27 Chapter 4 Introduction to the topic 28-61 Chapter5 ,Findings and Discussions 62-67 Chapter6 .Conclusions and suggestions 68-71 REFERENCES ANNEXURE add up of carry overs and Figures 4. 1 Pie map of Number of respondents in varied age groups 4. 2 Pie graph of crook of males and females respondents 4. Pie map of deliver the goods of middle and lower comport respondents 4. 4 Pie map for the number of companionship’s p machinationicipation in csr activities 4. 5 Pie chart of perpennyage mulct be these reports published 4. 6 Pie chart for receipt to assertion formation of safe and healthy tap environment 4. 7 Pie chart for rejoinder to av ouchment contri saveion to regional briostyle 4. 8 Pie chart for chemical reaction to description e feeling of opportunities . 9 Pie chart for solution to statement continuity and creation of regional culture 4. 10 postp ane and Pie chart for solvent to statement balance betwixt Work and personal life 11. circuit card and Pie chart for solution to statement Sustain subject corpo position culture 4. 12 remit and Pie chart for reaction to statement re polish off put to use upher pass and Waste Reduction 13. stop panel and Pie chart for solvent updated tech nary(prenominal)ogy 14.\r\nTable and Pie chart for receipt to statement simplification of environmental burden 15. Table and Pie chart for response to statement reduction of green dramaturgy gases that lead to mankindwide warming. 16. Table and Pie chart for response to statement preservation of water re mentions and water fiber 17. Table and Pie chart for response to statement reduction of environmental burden - wargon and go 18. Table and Pie chart for response to statement compliance 19. Table and Pie chart for response to statement corporate governance 20.\r\nTable and Pie chart for response to statement risk management. 21. Table and Pie chart for response to statement education to the society 22. Table and Pie chart for response Competitive Compensation 23. Table and Pie chart for response meet working hours 24. Table and Pie chart for response soundly property of outputs 25. Table and Pie chart for response good quality of after(prenominal) sale go 26. Table and Pie chart for response beatly deliin truth of products 27.\r\nTable and Pie chart for response compliance with the prescribed security measures 28. Table and Pie chart for response transp arncy and fairness in get 29. Table and Pie chart for response hearing the sagaciousness of the suppliers 30. Table and Pie chart for response reward for the wilful improvement of the suppliers 31. Table and Pie chart for respon se travel along on client satis situationion 32. Table and Pie chart for response recognition of the negative impact of the product on the society 33.\r\nTable and Pie chart for response protection of guests development EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report card is on the topic â€Å" interrogation ON buy BEHAVIOR AND PERCEPTION IN INDIAN DTH labor”. The objective of the look into is to find the consumer’s demeanor and science in get the DTH values in the Indian grocery. This forget be d 1 with friend of a Questionnaire subject ara rear on the Consumer’s ‘B leave prohibited boxwood’ finished the entire determination qualification form of the consumer, which atomic number 18 as follows: • conundrum Recognition • selective learning Search • Evaluation of Alternatives bargain for Decision • placement †Purchase behavior And overly with the military serving of authorized alpha factors that contribute s heavily towards the consumer’s decision of get a DTH serving, in India, standardised the following(a): • credit Endorsements • Other’s work on • Purchase clock • Purchase Amount • lead Choice In short the explore is carried -out to distinguish what goes in the consumer’s mind to begin with he fin onlyy buys the DTH go in the Indian mart and overly to know, when , where and how the consumer buys the function of DTH, in the Indian DTH trade.\r\n instantaneously, before starting with achieving the objective of the re explore, I acquit started with root off explaining the buy behavior of the consumer in ordinary with the help of its definition and then the entire report is based upon the purchase behavior of consumers in the DTH exertion. Although the report is an persev datence specific report but still I hold apprizeed a little bit slightly solely the poll shams in the Indian DTH intentness. The foll owing argon the players well-nigh which a little brief has been d champion in the report: • Tata peddle transmit television scheme Dish TV • Airtel DTH • sunniness ex cardinald • surenessingness prodigious TV • Videocon D2H This is followed by the Literature analyse on the get behavior of consumer’s in DTH diligence which contain’s the Overview of the Indian DTH exertion, technical aspects of DTH benefit, Factors that contribute towards the success of DTH operate in India, what does the intentness passel, media, and nodes said about this constancy. The research systemology that has been utilize is the descriptive type and the information is sop uped by means of two the primary and the tributary source.\r\nFor the primary source a Questionnaire was prepared for the fall over to know the consumer’s behavior in buying the DTH go. The survey was conducted on tidy sum who are already enjoying the run of the DTH regardless of age, income, lifestyle, gender etc. The questionnaire revolved around the consumer buying behavior and was designed to know the complete travel of buying behavior of consumers for the DTH industry in India. For the secondary source journals and articles in the magazine, spick-and-spans paper and mesh have been subprogramd in achieving the objective of the research.\r\nThe sample distribution size was 150 workoutrs of DTH go in Delhi and NCR. both the questions from the questionnaire have been examined and findings have been understandred from it with the help of the graphs and the tables, making exclusively the information very unaccented to read, give out and realize the key findings from them. This is followed by the complete pile up findings in bullet saddles from the research and then the suggestions for the DTH industry as a whole and for the DTH players in industry based on the Objectives of the research and the Findings of the survey & research which could add the performance and gross revenue for the companies.\r\nReferences that has been utilize in the entire preparation is too wind along with the questionnaire at the end of the project report. CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR defined Consumer buying behaviour is the get word of when, why, how, and where volume do or do non buy products It blends elements from psychology, sociology, cordial anthropology and economics. It attempts to understand the buyer decision making surgical operation, both individu tot all in allyy and in groups. It studies characteristics of individual consumers frequently(prenominal) as demographics and behavioural variables in an attempt to understand rafts wants.\r\nIt besides tries to assess influences on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, indication groups, and society in general. Customer behaviour check is based on consumer buying behavior, with the customer acting the three distinct graphemes of user, pay er and buyer. Relationship market is an influential asset for customer behavior outline as it has a keen interest in the re-discovery of the true meaning of marketing through the re-affirmation of the splendour of the customer or buyer.\r\nA colossaler splendour is withal placed on consumer retention, customer kind management, personalization, customization and one-to-one marketing. Social functions merchantman be categorize into societal plectron and welfare functions. Each method for vote counting is assumed as a neighborly function but if Arrow’s possibility theorem is used for a companionable function, social welfare function is achieved. Some specifications of the social functions are decisiveness, neutrality, anonymity, mo nononocity, unanimity, homogeneity and weak and signifi give noticet Pareto optimality. No social option function meets these requirements in an ordinal outperform simultaneously.\r\nThe or so important characteristic of a social fun ction is identification of the interactional effect of alternatives and creating a logical relation with the ranks. grocery storeing provides function in order to settle with customers. With that in mind, the productive system is considered from its beginning at the production level, to the end of the cycle, the consumer. belch and Belch define consumer behaviour as ‘the process and activities wad engage in when searching for, selecting, purchasing, exploitation, evaluating, and disposing of products and work so as to satisfy their exacts and relishs. major(ip) DTH PLAYERS IN INDIA 1. TATA SKY †SATELLITE TELEVISION embodied in 2004, Tata leaf is a JV betwixt the TATA group and STAR. Tata Sky DTH endeavors to offer Indian viewing audience a world- associate television believe escort through its transmit television function. The TATA conference is one of Indias fully grownst and most respected business conglomerates. It comprises 93 run companies in s still business arenas: information systems and communications, engineering, materials, go, energy, consumer products and chemicals.\r\nThe TATA Group has operations in much(prenominal) than 40 countries deny snotty-nosed six continents and its companies export products and work to 140 nations. The Group and its enterprises have been steadfast and distinctive in their inclination to business ethics and their commitment to corporate social responsibility. This is a legacy that has earned the Group the trust of rough(prenominal) one million million millions of stakeholders in a measure fewer business houses anywhere in the world bear match. The SKY brand, possess by the UK-based British Sky Broadcasting Group, brings to Tata Sky the reputation of much than 20 years live of planet broadcasting.\r\nSKY is head kn sustain for the innovative products and work launched by BSkyB, such as DTH broadcasting in 1989, digital send broadcasting in 1998, synergistic television gos in 1999 and the SKY+ personal video record-keeper in 2001. Tata Sky joins an international group of DTH businesses that includes platforms as far apart as the UK and Italy in Europe, and Mexico and brazil-nut tree in Latin America. Tata Sky has established an lengthened customer service net across the country.\r\nIt has act a field force of approximately 3000 service engineers who are complemented by high-end 24×7 mobilise centres, manned by multi-lingual customer service associates, practised to solve all customer jobs. Tata Sky takes accept responsibility for installing and servicing the hardware at every ratifiers denture, in that locationby ensuring the highest levels of customer service. 2. DISH TV DISH TV is a division of izzard Network Enterprise (Essel Group Venture). EGV has national and world(prenominal) presence with business interests in media programming, broadcasting & distribution, curiosity packaging and frolic.\r\n ezed Network incorpor ated dishtv to evolve TV backwash. dishtv is India’s starting direct to post (DTH) frolic service. By digitalizing Indian recreation, this enterprise brought dress hat television viewing technology to the living room. It not only transmits high quality programmes through planet; but also damps a complete control of selecting bring and paying for them. To learn the impertinently life brea write outg in television technology, dishtv extends high quality broadcast and thorough entertainment. It imparts DVD quality fork out and stereophonic sound effects to the customers.\r\nIt promises to channelize the experience of TV viewing with its uninterrupted transmission service. The strive enters next level of entertainment with futuristic features, such as EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), parental lock, back ups, 400 channels, interactional TV and movie on demand. dishtv also brings soap national and international channels for the prototypical cadence in India. dis htv uses NSS-6 to broadcast its programmes. NSS-6 was launched on 17th December, 2002 by European-based send supplier, NewSkies (one of the only four fixed broadcast communications companies with truly global sa declaimite coverage) ishtv †Indias root KU-band DTH entertainment service, hopped on to NSS-6 from an INSAT satellite in July 2004. The change in the satellite was to ontogeny the channel offer as NSS 6 offered much transponder capacitor. 3. AIRTEL DTH demand to basis (DTH) service comes to you from Bharti Telemedia Limited, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel Limited. Bharti Airtel Limited is the flagship connection of Bharti Enterprises and is India’s largest integrated and the for the first time private telecommunicationmunication services provider with a footprint in all the 23 telecom circles.\r\nAs Indias lede telecommunications caller, the Airtel brand has played the role of a major catalyst in Indias reforms, contributing to its economic resurgenc e. Airtel since its inauguration has been at the forefront of technology and has steered the course of the telecom welkin in the country with its world class products and services. With DVD quality witness and sound, your TV viewing experience impart change forever with Airtel digital TV. Now witness the magic of television with ruff and widest variety of channels and programmes ranging from Sports, Music and General entertainment to dress hat on-demand substance on Airtel Live.\r\nWhats more, you sewer tell apart from the top hat movies of Bollywood and the world, listen to radio, play games, along with a host of separate interactive features and change the delegacy you watch television. 4. SUN DIRECT fair weather engage †Indias youngest and most exciting state Of the art DTH guild. Sun rail uses the up-to-the-minute MPEG-4 based technology to increase broadcast capacity. Sun Direct confirms to provide next-generation services in fast- increase and emerging markets quickly and competently. Sun Direct allow for be dungeoned by Irdetos conditional access solution to manage theme and revenues in the satellite broadcasting venture.\r\nSun Direct selected Oracle based on its convergent multi-service capabilities and be real- sentence scalability allowing it to consolidate billing operations, enables powerful new service cracks and improves visibility into customer information across services. Sun Direct Pvt Ltd, the leading direct-to- kinfolk (DTH) service provider is all set to redefine the television viewing in the country. Sun Direct today created account by launching the first ever steep Definition (HD) broadcast on DTH platform in India. Sun Direct: Sun Direct is a 80:20 joint venture between the Maran family and the Astro Group of Malaysia.\r\nSun Direct offers all customer premises equipments like the dish and stipulate superlative box free of cost to the customer, which is a put on followed by DTH platforms across the worl d. Sun Direct is the first one to adopt the advanced MPEG4 technology offering better compression and re rase quality and is the first to offer HD TV ( mellow definition) pith. Sun Direct offers all customer premises equipments like the dish and Set Top box free of cost to the customer offering more than 200 channels, with 7 rudimentary packs and 41 add on packs. 5. RELIANCE forged TV\r\nImagine a satellite TV service that suits you and your family’s interests, passions and busy schedules. simulacrum all of your favored channels, shows, and movies at your fingertips â€it’s time to look into the BIG world of entertainment. Reliance is excited to present the next landmark of TV entertainment in India. With Reliance BIG TV Digital gain, you send away experience spectacular entertainment, blockbuster movies, up-to-the-minute news, and your favourite programs at the click of a button. Transform your home with Reliance BIG TV Digital Service, supply by MPEG â₠¬ 4 technology for the first time in India.\r\nReliance BIG TV has marvellous features like pure digital viewing experience, more channel choice, many exclusive movie channels, easy programming guide, interactive services, parental control, 24×7 Customer Service and rophys more †realise a never before viewing experience with unlimited hours of fun and entertainment for your entire family. 6. VIDEOCON d2h It is world’s 1st satellite television, via state of art satellites, which means you no longer have to rear all the hassles associated with business TV.\r\nNo more foil disconnections dear in the middle of an intense game. And whether you’re watching a Hollywood thriller or a Desi blockbuster, Videocon d2h results in a â€Å"The End” to all the gratuitous interruptions. We invite you to experience a world of fearful digital entertainment, crystal clear ideates, ultra sagaciously sound and state of art technology which uses the revolutionar y MPEG -4 with DVB S2. This means you’ll be able to notice the minutest of details on your favorite celebrity. And hear every scream, every sound. Even if it were a faint sigh.\r\nWe bequeath provide you fantastic active services, multi lingual user inter show slip-up, more movie on demand channels, radio channels, cross genre tickers and many more value added services. Our interactive Direct to Home (DTH) Services depart be useable through satellite LCD, Satellite TV, Satellite DVD as hale as a Satellite Box (STB). We bring you cartroadting distinctness technology through our services, which go out make your home the most exciting place on earth. The Products i. e. Satellite LCD, Satellite TV, Satellite DVD are owned and marketed by UDCL.\r\nThe DTH services and Satellite Box are marketed by BBCL subject to terms and conditions of Customer Agreement. OVERVIEW OF THE DTH labor Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite television is becoming a buzzword in the satellite broadca st industry repayable to the fact that DTH offers immense opportunities to both broadcasters and viewers. Thanks to the speedy development of digital technology, DTH broadcast operators worldwide have been able to introduce a large number of new interactive applications in the television market besides a large number of entertainment programmes over a single delivery platform.\r\nIn addition, since digital technology permits a highly efficient exploitation of the frequency spectrum, the number of TV channels that can be broadcast use digital technology is significantly higher than with analogue technology. The change magnitude number of television channels allows the operator to satisfy the demand of a number of niche markets with consecrated transmissions. In general, DTH service is the one in which a large number of channels are digitally compressed, encrypted and beamed from very high power satellites. The programmes can be directly received at homes.\r\nThis mode of reaction facilitates the use of small receive dish antennas of 60 to 90 cm diameter installed at satisfactory location in individual buildings without needing elaborate al-Qaida / place etc. Also, DTH transmission eliminates topical anesthetic cable television service operator completely, since an individual user is directly affiliated to the service providers. However, a digital receiver is mandatory to receive the multiplexed augurs and view them on a TV. DTH, in sharp contrast to Cable TV, lends itself to easy monitoring,and,control. transmittal in Ku band is most appropriate and widely used for the purpose.\r\nAs mentioned higher up, all the encoded transmission signals are digital †thus providing higher resolution bear witness quality and better audio than traditional analog signals. All the advantages of the digital transmission, as applicable to the workaday transmission are relevant in the satellite transmission also. Over the last three years, the direct-to-home (DT H) satellite industry has come on strongly worldwide. It has bighearted from a niche delivery mechanism into a mainstream business. The spread of subscription-based DTH satellite TV promises to enhance choices for many households in developing countries.\r\nWith the Government throwing hold the DTH sector in the country,a handful of players have come up with grandiose plans to enter the market. Given the stiff level of competition this premium services ordain face from the actual multi-channel cable network, possible entrants need to clearly grasp a few of the winning rules of the game. A DTH OFFER COMPRISES SIX ELEMENTS : [pic] Content: The movies,news channels,sporting events,and/or general entertainment features that constitute an offer to consumers. Space: monomania or access to sufficient transponders in the ripe orbital slot to broadcast an offer to a specific area.\r\nGround: The ability to distribute, install and service dishes and set-top boxes(otherwise known as cu stomer premises equipment, or CPE), combined with access to relevant technology and manufacturing capabilities. proofreader management: Ability to acquire and deactivate subscribers,bill and collect from them, activate pay-per-view movies and perform customer service. Financing: The render of credit to customer seeking to buy or lease CPE. Government relation: Ability to navigate government procedures and regulations to obtain permits and so on.\r\nSo protestent are these requirements,that no actual player in any market depart be able to fulfill all of them on its own. This, the industry will be populated by consortia and it is un in all likelihood that more than one or two DTH consortia will be able to achieve break-even. STRATEGIC AND SUCCESS FACTORS : campaign Bottlenecks: In this market, contented and transponder capacity are scarce and controlled by a few players. With content, access to unique topical anaesthetic anesthetic language material is critical. In a market like India,all a DTH player may need to do is repackage existing channels that are not universally purchasable.\r\nIn sports, many players have won an advantage through long-term make ups purchases. Broadcasting rights to cricket in India, for example,belongs to ESPN for the next cinque years. It also controls the right to football for West Bengal(the most popular league) for ten years. The second obvious bottleneck is in transponder capacity. A modest DTH offering is likely to require a minimum of 10 to 15 transponders- just about a consecrated satellite. The number of satellite that can broadcast to a particular region is limited by physics. discover First: In the DTH industry, a credible and well managed first-mover service has a tremendous advantage over others.\r\nIn India, a first mover may efficaciously shut out competition. Exploit Market Niche: In some markets, the segment of consumers who desire highly specific content may be large enough to form the core subscribe rship of a DTH service. An example of this could be again cricket in our country. Any DTH consortium must decide how it will swop with a number of strategic choices that will determine its success: Build an appropriate content offer: This is the single most crucial choice a DTH company will make. In a remote town with no access to television, for example,even a DTH sweet of just two channels talent seem attractive.\r\nTransponder cost are also a factor in an appropriate content offer. It is the bouquet size that determine how many transponders are needed,creating a tradeoff between the cost of transponders and the sizeableness of the offering. supplement killer content: A subscription service could use its rights more effectively. It might secure the exclusive right to broadcast a sporting event live, even if it is shown on free TV later. Offer greatest services: Cable companies are frequently criticized for inductive causalitying delays, billing errors and surly staff and t he nature of cable plant makes signals prone to disruption.\r\nStaff and customer service issues relating to CPE installation and maintenance may yield a fine of differentiation preceding(prenominal) and beyond try quality. PLACE BETS ON ??? Another strategic choice consortia must make is which markets to make bets in. A few rules of the thumb are: Number of TV households: the number of TV households and its rate of growth determines how easy it will be to break even and how quickly, if at all, a developing market will run low attractive. TV publicizing and its growth: Ad revenue are also available to a DTH service provider, so the existence of a robust or growing ad market is important.\r\nTechnical barriers to access TV: Even if DTH offers are likely to be thin on the ground,it is possible for a company to own a piece of the chain that links a service to subscribers. Until recently, Sky had a monopoly on the UK encoding standard, Videocrypt and could effectively dictate the terms of DTH competition, This was because it had a large installed base of set-top boxes development this standard. Ownership of key content: The availability of sports and film rights is a crucial determinative of market attractiveness.\r\nIn India, such rights are divide among many separate players. In such a case, no rights owner is likely to be strong enough to play kingmaker. Position in a market: The most important asset is arguably an ability to play a unique role in the DTH value chain. This advantage may house in business that have little or no obvious connection with DTH. A company that has pioneered a business offering credit for consumer durables in a developing country, for instance, might be well placed to supply finance to purchasers of CPE. INDUSTRY SAYS MEDIA AND CUSTOMER SAYS:\r\nDespite the global financial melt win, the prox of DTH industry in India has numerous opportunities. A 20 per cent annual growth is existence witnessed in the DTH sector and ther e is still scope for more. Int he original context of the global financial meltdown, the Direct to Home (DTH) industry in India is in the throes of miscellaneous challenges and opportunities. The ‘big game’ is all about pliant up grandiose plans to master the winning rules to forgather as much portion of the Indian DTH pie as possible by a handful of players.\r\nSince the DTH space denotes ‘big value’, akin to the space work by television [pic] and telephony, inter-firm rivalries have thrown up price wars, discount schemes, procurement of transponders, ambitious targets for astir(p) the subscription base, popular bouquet of channels, set top boxes with prize quality of videos, improving content, etc as a fearsome means to entice the Indian viewer. A fresh 20 per cent annual growth is being witnessed in the DTH sector in India with over 8. million households having digital pay tv gibe to coarse Bijoor, a brand consultant, â€Å"Since Dish TV, the biggest market player on the Indian soil, has not scraped even five per cent of the pie, there is plenty left for other players to eat. ” In the early 2008, five major players, Zee’s Dish TV, Tata Sky, Reliance ADAG, Sun Direct and Bharti Telemedia formed an umbrella body †DTH Operators Association of India (DOAI). The Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of India in its ‘2008 conciliate TV Piracy Survey’ have predicted that the hoar TV market of around USD 1. cardinal will gradually be taken over by the legal DTH industry. Marcel Fenez, chairman CASBAA, said, â€Å"Despite the global sinking of economies, the Asia Pacific market is healthy and the come down in growth will not chute the industry. With 1. 7 million digital cable subscriptions, the digital pay-TV market is lastly taking off and this arcdegree of perceptiveness represents a tipping point for our industry in Asia. ” Starting with a million strong subscriber base in August 2006, Tata Sky, a DTH joint-venture Company between Star (owned by Rupert Murdoch) and the Tata Group, now has more than 2. million connections and the forecast for 2012 is that it will further increase to eight million. The Indian DTH growth scenario bodes well for the advertising industry as well with over Rs 30-40 crores being earmarked by these companies annually for advertising revenues. While Tata Sky has roped in Amir Khan and Gul Panag for its promotion, avows for the Dish TV. MD and CEO of Tata Sky, Vikram Kaushik, recently confirmed in an converse that the company estimates were standing at Rs 40 billion for its lowest funding requirement as ‘ free-enterprise(a) entries’, ‘explosive growth in volume’ and customer acquisition have jacked up the costs.\r\nTata Sky recently launched the NDS-developed XTV personal video recorder (PVR) that enables the customers to watch a particular TV show while save another. It is being hailed a ‘ma jor introduction’ in the Indian DTH market. Within a few age of its launch 2, 500 PVRs, priced at Rs 8, 999, were sold as claimed by the Tata Sky MD, Kaushik. This places Tata Sky among the top 19 ‘pay-TV operators’ around the world with NDS solutions being a unique introduction to facilitate flexibility of PVR to their subscribers.\r\nA deal along similar lines was announced by Bharti Airtel, in the provision of DTH services, dependent on NDS for its conditional access. N Arjun, executive director Bharti Telemedia, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s expansion plans by disclosing that his company looked forward to providing the best of home entertainment services via Airtel digital TV in terms of latest technology and exciting content. â€Å"Since DTH is the future of home entertainment, with the support of our technology partner NDS, we will render superior, state-of-the-art services to our DTH service customers”, he said.\r\nSun Direct, wh ich entered the DTH sector as a discounted brand in resister to Tata Sky, notched at a 30 per cent premium and supposedly mopped up over a million subscribers within a short time span. Tata Sky, though placed at a launch-premium of Rs 1,000, is open to segmentations. A demand of a tax pass of five years from the government has been mooted by the DOAI that should incentivise the DTH industry as its market has reportedly surpassed the Japanese one in the last five years.\r\nThe Indian DTH industry players look forward to a seven clock multiplication of its market, about 40 million subscribers by 2015, from a total of 165 million pay TV households. Analysis Since 1959, when Indian television was first launched and the state owned Doordarshan aired just two channels in black and clean as recently as 1991; the world of entertainment has do rapid and unusual strides. The turning points were the 1982 Asian Games when glossiness television was introduced and the 1991 liberalisation an d deregulation that ushered in the era of foreign investments and foreign channels that egged the domestic players to overfly into the foray.\r\nFrom large metros, satellite TV moved to little towns that spurred the sale of TV sets and brought about an upgradation from black and white television viewing to the colour one. With time, more and more changes took place and finally the DTH services arrived. DTH operations in India could be enhanced if the dearth of satellite capacity is removed by increasing the number of available Ku-band transponders that at present is 12 on Insat 4A, which in turn would mean more channels for viewing.\r\ntax income burdens on DTH are another area of direction for operators. Around 40 per cent of revenues are siphoned off to pay taxes and license fee and another 12 per cent for services imposed by the cardinal government. Apart from this, there are entertainment taxes that differ from state to state. Cable TV operators also give a stiff level of co mpetition to the DTH sector by suppressing their prices artificially by way of under-declarations. This has pressurised the DTH operators to cut their profits to the extent of making them unviable. At present, there are 80 million TV households in India, of which over seven million are DTH ones. Since the penetration is just under nine per cent, there is much room for a bundleive growth rate”, according to the Bharti Airtel’s head of brand and media, Chandrashekhar Balakrishnan. â€Å"This is what the company is focusing on, to enhance its subscription base to 20 per cent,” he added. Industry analyst Siva Sundaram said that India will be the leading power in Asia by 2010 in the field of cable market and by 2015; it will be the most profitable in the area of pay TV market.\r\nInterestingly, the rural rich were the first to positively respond to the advent of DTH industry and those in the remote areas with no or unreliable access to the cable services will be tap ped in by the DTH players. The ‘Indian Readership Survey 2008 R2’ findings have shown that the Dish TV is the largest player with over 3. 1 million subscribers, followed by DD Direct, Tata Sky and Sun Direct, which has a predominance in the southern zone. The zone wise outline puts the western zone with 2. 24 million topping he subscriber base charts and the North, siemens and East following the lead. While the ‘big game’ voluptuouss up between the DTH service providers, the regular big Indian couch potatoes may keep surfing the channels and choosing from the burgeoning options. expiration : A few things are assured in the DTH industry even in the face of paradigm shifts. First, the value of transponders is likely to declivity as compression allows more and more content to go through the same satellite, and as more satellite are launched. Second, as bandwidth explodes, so will demand for content.\r\nObscure sports and the like will become more valuabl e;conversely, much of the content that is soon valuable will face downward price pressure. Niche content providers will emerge. The industry is likely to be characterized first by a finis of fragmentation and then by an increasing soaking up of global consortia as unprofitable participants fold. What is clearer than ever is that satellite TV is here to stay and will play role in bringing television to mass around the world. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE The objective of the research is to find the consumer’s behavior and perception in buying the DTH services in the Indian market.\r\nThis will be done with help of a Questionnaire Survey based on the Consumer’s ‘Black Box’ through the entire decision making process of the consumer, which are as follows: • Problem Recognition • Information Search • Evaluation of Alternatives • Purchase Decision • Post †Purchase behavior And also with the help of certain important factors that contri butes heavily towards the consumer’s decision of buying a DTH service, in India, like the following: • Celebrity Endorsements • Other’s Influence • Purchase Timing • Purchase Amount • Dealer Choice\r\nIn short the research is carried -out to know what goes in the consumer’s mind before he finally buys the DTH services in the Indian market and also to know, when , where and how the consumer buys the services of DTH, in the Indian DTH market. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH METHODOLOGY DEFINED Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. In this we study the various steps that are generally adopt by researcher in studying this problem along with the logic behind them.\r\nRESEARCH throw The research design selected is of descriptive type. Data is stash away through Primary and Secondary sources. PRIMARY obtain: A Question naire was prepared for the survey to know the consumer’s behavior in buying the DTH services. The survey was conducted on people who are already enjoying the services of the DTH regardless of age, income, lifestyle, gender etc. SECONDARY SOURCE: Journals and articles in the magazine, news paper and profits have been used in achieving the objective of the research. SAMPLE SIZE:\r\nA try on size of 150 existing users of DTH services was included in the survey through questionnaires (25 each from North Delhi, South Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida). The Sample was selected irrespective of age, gender, lifestyle, income. • get across 5. 1 WHAT function DID YOU apply onwards DTH SERVICES ? |Local conduct |142 | |Doordarshan Channels |8 | interpret 5. 1 ANALYSIS : From the supra pie-chart we can break up that 95% of people surveyed were using local cable as against 5% who were using Doordarshan channels.\r\n proofS: We can infer from the pie-chart th at majority of people surveyed were using the services of local cable operators and thus it also reflects that very small segment of people use only Doordarshan channels as a source of entertainment in Delhi & NCR. • TABLE 5. 2 WHAT WERE YOUR PERCEPTIONS OF DTH SERVICES BEFORE YOU USED IT ? |senior high school Initial constitute |42 | |High Monthly Rentals |66 | | measly Customer Service |22 | | short signal |30 |\r\nGRAPH 5. 2 [pic] ANALYSIS: From the to a higher place tending(p) bar diagram we can examine that 28% of people sensed DTH as it absorbs High initial cost,44% as High monthly cost,15% as unretentive customer service & 13% as Poor sign. consequence: We can now infer that most of the people before using DTH services cerebration it to have Heavy Monthly Rentals and also as something that had High Initial Cost inclined to it . Poor Signal was also an issue that people had thought DTH to be associated with and few people had perceive its Customer Ser vice as distressing. TABLE 5. 3 WHAT PROMPTED YOU TO SWITCH TO DTH FROM THE EARLIER SERVICES USED BY YOU ? BECAUSE DTH PROVIDES : |Better Service |45 | |Economical |5 | |Beeter film Quality |60 | | synergistic services |40 | GRAPH 5. 3 [pic] ANALYSIS: According to customers, reason for switching to DTH, because DTH provides: 30% believe it as better service, 3% as economical, 40% as better picture quality & 27% coz of interactive services by DTH. INFERENCE:\r\nWe can infer from above that most of the LCO’s customers left them and switched to DTH because of their problems with unequal picture quality and people also ditched LOC’s because of poor services from them and also lack of interactive services which was there in DTH. A very small percentage of people left LOC’s because of prices charged by LOC’s • TABLE 5. 4 WHERE DID YOU SEARCH FOR INFORMATION ON DTH BEFORE BUYING ONE ? | network |55 | |Dealers |55 | |Friends |30 | |Newspapers |10 |\ r\nGRAPH 5. 4 [pic] ANALYSIS: We can analyze from the above given graph that 37% each of people surveyed searched information on DTH from Internet & Dealers. 20% consulted Friends and 6% from Newspapers. INFERENCE: An evoke comes from the fact that when it comes to searching information about the DTH services when deciding to buy them, most of the people choose to search it on Internet & an equal no. of people visit Dealers to gather information. People also prefer to consult their Friends more than using Newspapers as a source of Information search. TABLE 5. 5 ON WHAT PARAMETERS DID YOU EVALUATE ALL THE AVAILABLE DTH SERVICES BEFORE DECIDING TO BUY BRAND OF DTH SERVICE ? | dear(p) Reputation |40 | | value |10 | | synergetic Services |40 | |Picture Quality |60 | GRAPH 5. 5 ANALYSIS: We can analyze that in terms of evaluation, 39% people rated Picture Quality,27% each as heavy Reputation and Interactive Services and 7% as Price as the major alternative evaluation factor.\ r\nINFERENCE: We can infer that the most important point of evaluating the available DTH options was the Picture, which was of paramount importance for prospective customers followed by Good Reputation and Interactive Services followed by the Price which only a meager population voted for. • TABLE5. 6 DO CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS YOUR DECISION IN BUYING DTH SERVICES ? |Yes |35 | |No | one hundred fifteen | GRAPH 5. 6 [pic] ANALYSIS:\r\nWe can analyze that 77% of people surveyed said that Celebrity digestments do not have any impact on their decision in deciding which brand to by or not to by and only 23% people agreed that id does contribute towards their decision. INFERENCE: It is an enkindle inference from the above given graph and data that inspite of almost all DTH companies going for Big Celebrities to certify their brands, customers gave a thumbs down to celebrity endorsements with 77% people saying that they are not at all influenced by it and only 23 % saying yes to this idea. TABLE 5. 7 WHO WAS THE BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR FINAL leverage DECISION ? |Dealer |35 | |Family |20 | | animate Users |80 | |Only Me |15 | GRAPH 5. 7 [pic] ANALYSIS: We can analyze that Existing users are the biggest influence on the final purchase decision with around 54% people going for it followed by 23% for dealers, 13% for family and 10% deciding themselves. INFERENCE: We can easily infer from the above given graph and data that as expected nd as in all other industries that existing users are always the biggest influence on the final decision and it’s the same in the DTH industry, Dealers are also big influence on the final decision followed by family and ourselves. • TABLE 5. 8 argon YOU SATISFIED WITH YOUR DTH SERVICE ? |Yes |129 | |No |21 | GRAPH 5. 8 [pic] ANALYSIS: We can analyze that 86% of people using DTH services are quelled with the services and only 14% people are displease.\r\nINFERENCE: We can easily infer from the above given data and graph that most of the people, as expected are pretty much conform to with the DTH services, which provides so many added features with crystal clear picture quality. One more important thing that can be inferred is there are 14% people who are not satisfied with the DTH services, which should bother all the DTH players in the industry. • TABLE 5. 9 IF DISSATISFIED,THEN WHAT IS THE REASON FOR DISSATISFACTION ? Poor Customer Service |8 | |Poor Picture Quality |2 | |Poor Signal authorization |3 | |Costlier than Expected |8 | GRAPH 5. 9 ANALYSIS: Now, we can analyze that out of 14% displease customers,38% people’s reason of dissatisfaction is Poor Customer Service and an eaqual no. people designate that it costlier than expected followed by 15% with Poor Signal Strength and 9% with Poor Picture quality. INFERENCE:\r\nWe can easily infer that first of all there are very little dissatisfied customers and the major reason for dissatisfied customer’s are either Poor Customer Service or the Monthly rentals are higher than perceived or expected. Very small amount of people blames it on Poor Signal Strength followed by Poor Picture Quality. FINDINGS FOLLOWING ARE THE FINDINGS OF THE make known 1. Most of the users of DTH services today have migrated from the local cable operators in comparison with the viewers of Doordarshan network. So therefore this can viewed step of Doordarshan network viewers to local cable operators. . Initially before using the DTH service the perception of it was that of something that High monthly rentals and that comes with High initial cost. Many people also thought that as it is a satellite network, therefore there would be a lot of signal problems, with few of them having doubtful perceptions about its Customer service. 3. The major reason that led to people switching from their introductory services to DTH was Poor picture quality, Poor service and lack of interactive services (in the same order), which had an obvious solution in the DTH services. . It was found out that the prospective customers searched for information on DTH mainly from the internet and the dealers with equal no. of respondents going for them, wherein friends are also a good source of information. Newspapers no more are hot in information search in the DTH industry. 5. The most important parameter that the customers used to evaluate all the available DTH options was that it should have the best picture quality and then came the good Reputation and interactive services with the brand.\r\nPrice was not of that importance as the industry itself is gripped in price-war. 6. This was an interesting but an unexpected finding. Although almost all the DTH players have roped in big celebrities to endorse their brand, still people gave this idea a thumbs down and said it did not affect their decision. 7. The biggest influence on the final purchase decision was found out to be the existing users of the service with m ore than fractional of the respondents going for it followed by the dealers, then family members and then the respondents themselves. 8.\r\n talk about the post purchase behavior, a major chunk of population that was surveyed was pretty satisfied with the DTH service (86% of them) and will very much carry on with the DTH, wherein 14% of them showed dissatisfaction. 9. Now, the major reason of the dissatisfaction of the 14% dissatisfied customers were poor customer service and the fact that overall rent (different packages and different channels) was costlier than the expected. SUGGESTIONS FOLLOWING ARE THE SUGGESTIONS establish ON THE REASEARCH OBJECTIVES AND FINDINGS OF THE SURVEY : • Although the companies are targeting the complete set of television iewers across the country, but they should make duplicate efforts in specifically targeting the rurals whose only source of entertainment is Doordarshan channels only by customizing channel packages that suits their try out and their pockets as well. Catch them before they take the local cable operator’s route to pertain DTH. • Erase the prospective customer’s perception of DTH services requiring High Initial & High monthle costs and also that as it is a satellite network then it will always have signal problems. Reach the prospects and tell them that these are wrong perceptions and tell the advantages. The Companies should keep on striving for better picture quality, better customer service, and more and more of interactive services because these are the reasons and problems why the customers have migrated from local cable operators (LCO). • Now it was found out that the Dealers and the internet were the hottest zones for information search on DTH by the prospective customers. So, therefore the company’s should, for internet release in all the information regarding their product and service and also tell the prospects about the advantage of their services over t he competitors. Evaluation of alternatives by the customers are one of the most important stage for the company and the findings point out that in choosing a DTH service, the customer focuses mainly on the Picture Quality and the Interactive services provided by the company so these things should be provided best by the company to the customers. One more important point is although the DTH industry is gripped by price-war, the customers are impulsive to pay a little more if they get a better picture quality, more interactive services and better customer service. This was an interesting but an unexpected finding that although all the major DTH players in the country have roped in big celebrities to endorse their brand, but almost 78% of the respondents have rejected this idea and said that celebrity endorsements have no impact on their decision. So, therefore the companies should concentrate on ideas to effectively communicate their message to the final consumer or else than celebr ities to convey the message, which in turn would save lots of money given to celebrities as brand ambassador. Now just before buying a product or service the customer needs to b pushed in his or her decision and the results have found out that the biggest influence as far as DTH services are concerned are The existing users and the Dealers. So, therefore in order to take cope of the influence of existing customers the company has to provide the best of services to them in order to win the vocalize Of Mouth and to take care of Dealer’s influence the company should have trained sales personnel at the dealer counters. Although, the major TV viewing population are pretty satisfied with DTH services, there are few which are not satisfied and the major reason for their dissatisfaction are poor customer service and costlier monthly charges than expected. To take of the first reason the companies should understand the importance of customer service as a tool to increase sales and take care of the customer service and to take care of the second reason the companies should make the packages simpler and also a little economical.\r\nAbove mentioned are some of the suggestions for the DTH industry as a whole and for the DTH players in industry based on the Objectives of the research and the Findings of the survey & research which could increase the performance and sales for the companies. The above suggestions have come after an extensive study of the â€Å"CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR” in the Indian DTH industry. CONCLUSION\r\nAfter extensively working on the buying behavior and the perception of the consumers in the Indian DTH industry, I came to know how important it is to understand and understand it to perfection, the buying behavior of the consumers as to how he behaves right from the point he recognizes a problem in his/her previous product or service, like in this case it was mainly the local cable operates. The companies here has to follow the cu stomer from there on to the last step of post-purchase behavior which helps companies to retain the existing customers and win the new customers.\r\nThe questionnaire that I prepared was a journey through the entire process of consumer’s perception and their buying behavior for DTH services. As it was directed at the current users, it was very fulfilling to understand what the current users of this service entangle at each stage of the process and as a result of this survey’s analysis and inference from the table and graph, there were some interesting and important findings which in turn gave way to some of very important suggestions that can be of great help to current DTH players in the Indian industry to improve their sales and efficiency.\r\nTo conclude, it was an experience that taught me a lot of things from understanding the in and outs of the Indian DTH industry, understanding the buying behavior of consumers, insights of market research, ways to efficiently a nd effectively interact with the respondents, to analyze and infer important information from the table and the graph. ———————†[pic]\r\n'