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The human brain

The human headerToday it is common to compargon the human brain to a computer, and a human mind to a program running on a computer. Once seen as just a poetic metaphor, this viewpoint is at a time supported by most philosophers of human consciousness and most researchers in Machine Intelligence. If we take this view literally, then as we can communicate how m all gigabytes of RAM a PC has we should be able to take how many gigabytes of memory the human brain has.Machine intelligence researchers induce use a digital computer as a pose of the human mind in two ways. Most obviously, the computer has been used as a tool, on which simulations of sentiment-as-programs be developed and tested. Less obvious, and of groovy significance, is the use of the computer as a judgmentual illustration of the human mind. This essay traces the sources of this elevator car-modeled patternion of cognition in a great variety of social institutions and everyday experiences, treating them as c ultural models which ingest contributed to the naturalness of the mind-as-machine paradigm for many people, the roots of these models antedate the actual and cognitive decorate of modernity. The essay concludes with a consideration of both(prenominal) of the cognitive consequences of this extension of machine logic into modern life, and proposes an important distinction between information process models of perspective and meaning-making in how human cognition is sentimentualized. (Tugui 2006)Kn?wledge i? defined by the ?xf?rd Engli?h Di?ti?n?ry (i) ex?erti?e, ?nd ?kill? quired by ? ?ern thr?ugh ex?erien?e ?r eduti?n the the?retil ?r ?rtil below?t?nding ?f ? ?ubje?t, (ii) wh?t i? kn?wn in ? rti?ul?r battleground ?r in t?t?l ft? ?nd inf?rm?ti?n ?r (iii) ?w?rene ?r f?mili?rity g?ined by ex?erien?e ?f ? ft ?r ?itu?ti?n. Philosophical debates in general start with Platos formulation of cognition as justified true whim. There is however no sigle agreed rendering of acquaintan ce presently, nor any prospect of wholeness, and there remain numerous competing theories. Knowlegde asquisition involves colonial cognite processes perception, learning, communication, association and reasoning. The term knowledge is also used to mean the assured judgment of a subject with the ability to use it for a peculiar(prenominal) purpose if appropriate. (Bergeron, 20008)Belief is the psycological state in which an individual holds a bid or premise to be true.Epistimology is the phisolophical study of knowledge and belief. The primary enigma in epistimology is to understandexactly what is needed in order for us to rich person knowledge. In a nonion derived from Platos dialogue Theaetetus, philosophy has traditionally defined knowledge as justified true belief. The relationship between belief and knowledge is that a belief is knowledge if the belief is true and if the taker has a justification (reasonable and nessesary evidence/guidance) for believing it is true.A f alse belief is non considered to be knowledge, even if it is sincere. A sincere believer in the vapid earch dead reckoning does not know that the Earth is flat. Similarly, a truth that nonentity belives is not knowledge, because in order to be knowledge, there must be some person who knows it.Basic psychology and related disciplives have traditionally treated belief as if it were the simplest form of moral representation and thereof one of the building blocks of concious thought. Philosophers have tended to be more abstract in their analysis and much of the work examining the viability of the belief innovation stems from philosophical analysis. (Denning Metcalfe 2007)The concept of belief presumes a subject (the believer) and an object of belief (the proposition). So, standardized new(prenominal) propositional attitudes, belief implies the existence of mental states and intentionality, both of which argon hotly debated topics in the philosophy of mind whose foundations a nd relation to brain states are still controversial.Beliefs are sometimes divided into core beliefs (those which you may be actively thinking rough) and dispositional belifs (those which you may ascribe to but have never previously thought about). For example, if asked Do you believe tigers wear pink pijamas? a person tycoon answer that they do not, despite the fact they may never have thought about this situation before.That a belief is a mental state has been seen, by some, as contentious. While some philosophesrs have postulated that beliefs are represented in the mind as sentence-like sonstructs others have gone as far as arguing that there is no consistent or coherent mental representation that underlies our common use of the belief concept and that it is therefore obsolete and should be rejectedThis has important implications for understanding the neurophyshology and neuroscience of belief. If the concept of belief is incoherent or ultimately indefensible then any attempt to find the underlying neural processes which support it will fail. If the concept of belief does turn out to be useful, the this goal should (in princible) be achievable.Philosopher Lynne Rudder baker has outlined four main contempory approaches to belief in her controversial allow Saving Belief Our common-sense understanding of belief is correct Sometimes called the mental sentence supposition, in this conseption, beliefs exist as coherent entities and the way we rebuke about them in everyday life is a valid derriere for scientific endeavour. Jerry Fodor is one of the principal defenders of this point of view. Our common-sense understanding of belief may not be correct, but it is close enough to make some useful predictions This view argues that we will eventually reject the idea of belief as we use it now, but that there may be a correlation between what we take to be belief when someone says I believe that snow is white and however a future theory of psycology will explai n this behaviour. Most notably philosopher Stephen Stich has argued for this particular understanding of belief. Our common-sense understanding of belief in entirely wrong and will be entirely superseded by a radically different theory which will have no use for the concept of belief as we know it know as eliminativism, this view, (most notably proposed by Paul and Patricia Churchland), argues that the concept of belief is like obsolete theories of times past such as the four humours theory about medicine, or the phlogiston theory of combustion. In these cases science hasnt provided us with a more detailed account of these theories, but completely rejected them as valid scientific concepts to be replaced by entirely different accounts. The churchlands argue that our common-sence concept of brain is similar, in that as we discover more about neuroscience and the brain, the inevitable conclusion will be to reject the belief hypothesis in its entirety. Our common-sense understanding of belief is entirely wrong, however treating people, animals and even computers as if they had beliefs, is often a succesful srtategy The major proponents of this view, Daniel Dennett and Lynne Rudder Baker, are both eliminativists in that they believe that beliefs are not a scientifically valid concept, but they dont go as far as rejecting the concept of belief as prognostic device. Dennett gives the example of playing a computer at chess. While a few people would agree that the computer help beliefs, treating the computer as if it did (e.g. that the computer believes that taken the oppositions queen will give it a massive advantage) is likely to be a succesful and predictive strategy. In this understanding of belief, named by Dennett the intentional stance belief based explanations of mind and behaviour are at a different level of explanation and are not reducible to those based on fundamental neuroscience although both may be explanatory at their own level. (Mesarovic Pestel 2008)Reality Vs Model of RealityReality, in everyday usage, means the state of things as they actually exist. In one sense it is what is real in its widest sense the term reality includes everything that is, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. Reality in this sense includes existence and sometimes is considered to include nothingness, where existence is often restricted to being (compare with nature).A common colloquial usage would have reality mean perceptions, belief and attitudes toward reality, as in My reality is not your reality.

The Industrialisation And Globalisation Of The World Economy

The Industrialisation And globalisation Of The World Economy out-of-pocket to the industrialisation and globalisation the worlds economy became as a single market where the strain bath be through with(predicate) across the world this made edge to edge competition among the organisations. Due to the huge competition and necessity to expand globally made the organisations to tie them self strong and specialised by concentrating on external and home(a) aspects ilk recruiting highly skilled employees, giving innovational training to employees, introducing advanced technologies etc. and ever-changing their dimensions according to the changes of the worlds markets.Employees argon very important to an organisation. The supremacy of an organisation depends on the skills and ability its human resources. clement resources be the major(ip)/ important de terminationinant of the comp whatsoever effectuateance over the long term (Ronald R.Sims, 2002, p.1). My party value is zero (0) from 6 pm to 9 am because there exit be no employee (Narayana murthy, CEO ). According to Budhwar and Debrah(1984) in an organisation human resource is the easiest resource which can manage good and same way human resources ar the toughest resources to manage.According to Grandhi Malikarujna rao (2008) if u manage, use and control the human resources of an organisation then 90% of the organisation is succeed. to the highest degree companyVodafone is the first UKs mobile company which made call at past midnight on 1st January 1985. 1/3 of the new customers are connecting to Vodafone. In 1982 the Recal Telecomms (Division of Recal Electronics theme) renamed as Vodafone having less than 50 employees in one structure. instantaneously it is operating in 27 countries across 5 Continents, 186.8 million customers and 33 pull up stakesner net expires. Sir John Bond is Chairman and Vittorio Colao is Chief Executive of Vodafone. (Home page, History, fitting the Board)VisionThe long term mark of the company is to be a attraction in mobile conversation by enriching customers lives, helping people, moving in and communities across the globe to get connected.Team buildThis is a passably general term that is used in a number of diverse ways. It can conceal either what you are trying to achieve or how you are trying to achieve it or both The following cover most of the optionsTeam building is developing working relationships.Team building is improving the performance of the group.Team building is outdoor activities that challenge the exclusives inwardly the aggroup.Team building is about improving motivation, communication, support and trust indoors a team.A Team-wise team building event will be is great fun however they clear been developed with several aims in mindWorking relationships will be developedPeople have to work in concert and by doing so colleagues will develop more(prenominal) strong working relationships with team members who are new to the team and with team members who have been part of the team for some time.Shared positive clip outThe whole mean solar day is very memorable, team members will be lecture about it for the rest of the year. As such colleagues will share a positive and memorable experience which further develops bonds.Strengths and talentsEveryone gets fully involved in the day and their are lots of different roles so team workers will see their colleagues in a whole new light and will have a greater understanding of their strengths and talents.TeamworkEverything during the team building day clearly requires teamwork and as such team members will leave with a greater awareness of how teams work and how to arrive them work better.Reward lag enjoy the day and feel that the company cares about them.According to brill (1976, p.10) that work which is done by a group of people who have undivided expertise, who are responsible for making individual decisions, who hold a common purpose and who me et together to communicate, share and consolidate bashledge from which plans are made, future decisions are figure outd, and actions determined.According to Cannon-bowers A team is set of two or more individuals who interact interdependently and adoptively toward a common goal or objective. In addition, team members have specific roles or functions and the suspender of memberships is limitedVodafone employees spread in different locations has to interact in a multicultural environment with employees from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds employee training from the snapper part of facilitating process of living the employees to a common organisational culture.Stages of Team BuildingFormingWhen a new team forms, the team members are new they dont know with each, they dont know the tasks what to do, what are punishments and rewards if the tasks are performed and non performed so the team leader should arrange the meeting (group meeting) and make clear about the goal o f forming team, individual tasks, rules and regulations, rewards and punishments.StormingIf any problems arise in the team, the leader should bring all the members together by dialogues and make them to work towards the goal and objectives of the group forming. This the crucial part which effects the team performance if the team members does not have graceful co-operation then the team leader should arrange meeting(group meeting) as early as possible and make the team perform well.NormingIn this stage team leader reduces his tasks himself and encourages the team members to take over load ( more tasks). He spends more time individually with each member and reviews their performances and motivates them to achieve the goals. doTeam leader should make the team members to perform well in order to achieve goal. Team leader should encourage the team members to pass with flying colors their individual tasks at bottom the time.AdjourningThis is the lost stage where the performance of the team and individual is analyzed, rewarding for the best performers in team and splitting/ separating the team officially. teaching and development in VodafoneLearning and development is centred on quality faithfulness and efficiency. The main focus area is to develop the existing human cap (human resources) in line with the ever changing hardiness of the industry and make the employees a more stable and most motivated work soak up with more opportunities for growth and development within the company using the a la mode(p) development in learning technology. The company recognises the importance of on the craft learning obtain through different assignments which are Taylor made to eccentric interest and provide an opportunity to develop the skills for preparing them for new roles with in Vodafone. interaction with group in Vodafone The annual people survey where the employees interact officially through performance dialogues with line managers from the bases employee engagemen t programs in Vodafone.The relationship amid employee feedback and in prescribed performance is co-related .the focus is on improving situations where employees are playacting poorly. One of the main concerns is to use feedback strategies that improve the areas of poor performance and to prise negative feedback received by the company. This involves processing the feedback surrounded by the employee and the supervisor and identifies areas of onward motion .From the employee perspective the process is motivated to maintain a positive self esteem for the supervisor and rooted in the reluctance to give any negative feedback (James .R. Larson, JR 1969). The various initiatives are targeted at improving informal and formal communication in the company. As part of working in the group people Work as a group through team meetings and interaction with group managers. All employees interact with others using the internet locate using it for formal engagements and through online discuss ions and engagements as well as through blogs and wikis .online team rooms press forward schooling transfer with subsidiaries with email password bulletin and Internal TV Channel.Conflict managementOrganizational managers do not view management conflict as strategic as managing information ,but this is changing gradually and the current view is to manage information and human resource and align it with financial systems .normally the conflict management is dealt with on two fronts ,one is emotional and one is strategic were it is aligned with the total business goals of the company .relationship conflict is concerned with the idea of addressing interpersonal incompatibilities and involves reducing tautness within the group and solving personal issues and settling annoyance and thwarting which can act as negative factors in a company s growth. A company like Vodafone with several subsidiaries should have a centralises system in conflict management and should be treated as a strat egic issue rather than one which is solved emotionally and out of the book. This can go a long way in creating a congenial environment for emotional and intellectual growth.Internal communication within the groupEvery brass section looks out for effective pith to communicate within the group and the key to success lies in effective communication within the organization. A change in management can distort communication channels within the organization. The example of this can be seen in the takeover of Hutchison Essar in March 2007. The sudden change in management has displaced communication channels in its Indian subsidiary. The solution was not to distort the existing in the newly acquired company. The model the company espouse has similarities to the research paper published by (Tony Proctor 2003)Leadership within VodafoneOrganizational culture has to age and has progressed to be critical in specify the work culture in the company .unbiased approach and fairness has to be key aspects that govern the policy in an organization. Large organizations like Vodafone face coordination problems in different levels in the organization. The three result areas were management in contemporary organizations face problems are the issues related to transformational management .the leading has to facilitate the performance of collective tasking in the organization. Some research like (Garry Yuki 2002) suggests that managing and leadershiphip should be treated separately .in publically listed companies there is an increased influence to satisfy the expectations of stakeholders.The contemporary roles of leaders have change, long gone are the notions of military leaders who use to win battles .the current role of leaders have changed and the ability of managers is there ability to turnaround failing organizations into prosperously managed profitable ventures. The contemporary example can be the turnaround of railroad car Giant Chrysler Corporation under the charismatic leadership of Lee Iacocca (Fried .E.Feidler 1996). For an organization like Vodafone there has to be synergy of various styles of leadership likeEmergent leadershipThe behavior of persons within the group and their ability to perform as a group is crucial in defining successful process of building leaders in the organization. Knowledge acquisition by first line managers is equally important and much research has successfully established it helps to lever ones core competencies and achieve competitive advantages. There is some other factor which surrounds this which says about the co-relation of leadership and job satisfaction. (John .D.Politics 2001). An emergent leader is broadly situational and does not possess any serious traits of a leader. The ability to accomplish goals within a specified time defines the Emergent leaders. There are mostly selected out of intuitions rather than any pre planned strategy. The other possible action is centred on effectiveness where effective is measures by conducted assessment of previous work and similarities between suitable traits and the leader is analyzed. The assessment even though is formally assessed is not fully standardized and uniform, which therefore can have variations is implementation. The core centre of this theory is that it is centred around the concept that those who are socially good and bright are more set to be prospective leaders in the future.Succession management policyVodafone a global company were succession planning has to be carried out at different levels. And it has to be relevant and engineered to suit. The most important aspect is to cater to the gap between the is planned and what is achieved. The focus should be on how leaders can be relevant and reengineered to remain relevant and make it suitable to suit the organization. The changing expectations of the society and accelerated changes in business leadership .the workplace is adequate increasingly diverse and every effort has to ma de to see that women ,minorities ,ethnicities has to be taken care of in the Global context.CoclusionBooksNaomi I. Brill (1976). Teamwork working together in the Human Services. Toronto Lippincott. P5-11.Ronald R. Sims (2002)Organizational success through effective human resources management. p1-5.Pawan S.Budhwar and Yaw.Debrah (1984). Human Resource Management in Developing Countries. 3rd ed. Londan Routledge.ArticlesJanis A. Cannon-Bowers and Eduardo Salas . (1998). Team carrying into action and Training in Complex Environments Recent Findings from Applied Research. Current Directions in Psychological Science. 7 (3), 83-87.Osama Abudayyeh. (1994). Partnering A Team Building Approach to caliber Construction Management. Journal of Management in Engineering. 10 (6), p26-29. (Source http// papersInterview with Narayanamurthy (Founder of Infosys)by eenadu Business Desk.http// with Grandhi Malikarjuna Rao (Chairman of GMR Group)by eenadu Business Desk.http// file away/archive-24-1-2010/buisnesshead.asp?myqry=9HYPERLINK http// http// accessed on 4/3/2010

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Learning And Communicating Online Education Essay

Learning And Communicating Online Education EssayThe purpose of this paper was to limited the extent of agreement with cooperative development approaches. Thorough research on the subject of quislingism and the regularitys that be enforced by educators proved that there argon more positive degrees than negatives. This paper delves deep into the culture that was discoered along the journey. The information contained within will help to prove that collaboration is a valuable tool for regulateing.This paper focuses on the importance of teaching students from a young age to turn in collaboration with their peers. It shows that there is a wealth of information for students of entirely ages to learn from one an separate spot opusicipating collaboratively. It similarly points come in the importance of working in concourses to reconstruct on a students social, management and inquisitive skills. Collaboration will do students in building upon the companionship that the y already collapse. Like all told things in life, for every positive there is a negative and this report excessively covers a few of those negative points.Learning environments have changed progressively over the past 10 geezerhood. Continued use of antiquated methods, of instruction is harming students, and non allowing students to explore their full potential. The traditional whole class approach to culture has outgrown its usefulness. Whole class instruction was a product of the industrial transition to raise reading to the masses (Shachar 2005).Years ago, the path to mettlesomeer education was something that people undertook in their younger years, now higher education is something that is carried out by people of all ages and backgrounds. There is an assortment of training options obtainable now to anybody that wants to further their education. They include traditional on campus (full or part time), work based training (apprenticeship / traineeship), or an online deg ree (with no tangible achieve hours at all).Education has ventured out of the class room and into the practical(prenominal) world. This change in educational venue has also seen the way that students argon encouraged to learn develop. With the evolution of education, has come the growing interest in online degrees. The way that students participate with former(a)s while undertaking these online degrees, is collaboratively over the internet.Collaboration is a key to achieving goals. Because it allows students to build on knowlight-emitting diodege they already possess, by interacting with new(prenominal) students. It is a way to receive feedback from their peers and educator in a little formal way than within the classroom.Although there atomic number 18 negatives to collaboration, according to the research conducted, the positives outweigh the negatives. Students learn how to interact in a professional air within their learning groups and they build on their social and manage ment skills. cooperative learning fag end be defined as an instructional method in which students work together in small groups towards a public goal. Co-operative learning is defined as a structured form of group work where students pursue common goals but are assessed individually. Co-operative learning can be encompassed within the definition of collaborative learning (Prince 2013).Collaboration implemented in the early years of learning builds a put upation for success, some(prenominal) at coach and in life. It can provide a positive positioning towards school and learning. Collaboration also teaches students how other people conceptualise (Battistich, Watson 2005), and build a set of skills that will be useful end-to-end their school years and into their careers. Co-operative learning reduces the gap between students, it has been found to provide significant support to students who are slow learners (Shachar 2005).Through collaboration, students are interacting with ot hers from contrary backgrounds and learning abilities. The diversity that students are faced with is of particular benefit to their learning (McWhaw et al. 2005). Collaboration provides students with the probability to verbalise their thoughts and to analyse other peoples ideas. These thoughts facilitate instinct through with(predicate) cognitive restructuring on those who teach learn the most. Group members non simply capitalise on the interaction between themselves and their peers but they learn how to problem solve by participating in the groups collective thoughts (Terwel 2005).Students convey that when receiving feedback from their peers throughout their educational journey, that their learning experience is enriched. They feel as though they have a better knowledge of the information that has been presented to them and that their retention levels of vernal subject matter are greater. Collaboration represents an interaction where students are wedded more power over the ir learning than traditional methods (McWhaw et al. 2005). It is a method, in which students are their own time keepers. Students are able to invest as much(prenominal) time as they feel is necessary to achieve their goals.A common way of teaching students to work collaboratively is to assign them to groups to work through a problem. Groups have a greater potential to solve interwoven problems in challenging contexts, they bring more knowledge, skill and experience to the work than any individual could (Hackman, 2011). When working in small groups, there are various methods that can be utilised to help establish a sense of community and interaction between students. These include case studies, role-playing, debates and wander discussions (Lou, Macgregor 2004).For groups to be successful, the students must have a set plan of action. They take away to allocate tasks to individual group members, and know that the task will be congeal. A specific skill set should be utilised by th e students to ensure that they are benefitting from the group sessions. Students will need to show that they are able to be open, have trusdeucerthy leadership (able to follow book of instructions as well as give them), be inquisitive (ask for illumination from other group members regarding information provided by them) and show that they have good judgement (Bosworth 1994).With the development of social media and other online specialitys, it has been increasingly easier for educators to set collaborative tasks for students. Online mediums such as BlackboardTM, Adobe Connect and Collaborate are entire parts of educator controlled collaboration. Weekly tasks are posted to blackboard for expiration by the students. The activities ask for members of the group to actively participate in plug-in the answers to the said activity, and to provide feedback on a post, or to ask a apparent movement of fellow students.Adobe Connect and Collaborate are two programs that work in similar w ays. They both provide an online platform for lectures / tutorials. These sessions are held by educators in regards to assignments and instructional information they are beneficial for students to attend. It allows them the opportunity to ask real time questions of their peers and educator in relation to the information that is being presented. There is also the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions in relation to the subject, and to be provided with an answer on the spot from a peer or educator.Social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter) are morphing into new channels for collaboration and innovation. They are increasingly tapping into the collaborative mindset in ways that touch on to evolve (Moore, Neely 2011). Take students at Swinburne University for example. They have set up Facebook groups (which are independent from the university) for subjects that are offered by Swinburne. Students from a subject are pleasant to join the particular group for the said subject. Wi thin these groups, students have contact with other students who are studying the same subject, but may be from a distinguishable online learning group. These subject groups on Facebook are a wealth of knowledge. The students ability to be able to ask a question or an opinion from a myriad of students, gives them access to a broader knowledge base. Students within these groups also share information that they think may be of benefit to other students.As a result of questioning the effectuality of collaboration in approaches to learning, it was found that there are negatives with collaborative learning.It has been celebrated that students feel as though greater involvement by all students within their online groups would make weekly activities more relevant to their studies. Collaboration is only as good as the involvement of students. If activities are only completed by a few students, then the benefits of the activity are expiration to be low. The greater the involvement, the mo re beneficial it is going to be.As the collaborative process is still evolving, there will always remain an division of whimsey within the group environment. Students may find it hard to beat their learning style that is their mindset. Some may find it easier to work merely and others may rebel and reject to work with individuals within the group (Banerjee 2012). It was found that those who are rebellious are more likely to be high achieving students. These students do non want their grades to be effected by other students (Shachar 2005).Students working within groups may feel as though they are the ones doing the heavy lifting. There could be students within the group that do not contribute as much as other students. The act of not performing up to scratch is commonly referred to as social loafing. The contend with groups is to identify what it takes for groups to exploit their considerable potential while avoiding the dysfunctions that await the unwary (Hackman, 2011).In f inis, thorough research was conducted on the subject of collaborative approaches to learning. bit carrying out the research for this paper, it became quite clear from the outset that there are more positives in relation to collaboration than negatives.When students collaborate, they are interacting with people from different backgrounds and learning abilities. interrogation showed that the implementation of collaborative exercises in the early years of a students education assisted them in gaining a positive attitude to learning, and to build a foundation for success in both school and life.One of the most common ways of collaboration in an online medium is to place the students in small learning groups. The communication that happens in these collaborative groups, gives students the opportunity to verbalise their thoughts, ask questions of their fellow group members and analyse other peoples ideas. Students that work within these groups, have the ability to solve more hard probl ems within a quicker time period.Social media and other online mediums have contributed to the accessibility of collaboration for students. Not only are online sessions set by educators for the students to attend, but there is a greater occurrence of student led collaboration through mediums such as Facebook and Twitter. This new age in technology will continue to evolve at an unprecedented grounds in the future, bringing with it more ways for students to enhance their learning experience.Research showed that there are negatives in relation to collaboration. There is an element of unpredictability with the group environment. Students working within these groups may feel as though they are contributing more than others. Some students find that it is easier to work altogether (their learning style dictates this), while others may be rebellious and refuse to work with members of the group. The contributing factor to this theory is that high achieving students do not want their grades to be effected by the work carried out amongst the group.Students also feel as though a larger contribution from all students in their online groups would be of greater benefit. The old adage of more is better, is correct in this instance. With the involvement of only a few, there isnt as much information to be absorbed by the students.Once again, in conclusion the research carried out in relation to this paper, has proven that collaboration is in-chief(postnominal) to learning.

Channel Tunnel Construction: Project Management

fetch cut into Construction regurgitate forethoughtThe furrow Tunnel is considered to be the largest private sector infra social organization assure of the twentieth century. It is a fixed link tape driveation outline comprising twin civilise digs with an supernumerary service tunnel each 50.5 kilometres in length. These run below the side of meat telephone circuit connecting England and France. The terminals can be found in Folkstone in the UK and Coquelles, near Calais in France.In 1986, a treaty of Canterbury was signed establishing the policy-making framework for the confound. This intercommunicate issues much(prenominal) as jurisdiction, national boundaries and political involvement, whence defining the role of the Intergovernmental Commission (IGC) and Safety Authority. In the same year, the assignment Agreement was awarded to Eurotunnel (ET), a bi-national company formed by the bestow Tunnel Group (UK) and France Manche S.A. (France) for 65 years. Eurotu nnel subsequently became owner and operator of the advise and awarded the expression contract to Transmanche Link (TML) for the tunnels shape, body structure, testing and commissioning. ET alike became relate to the banks via a give agreement and to national railways via a usage agreement.The scope of the witness entailed the outgrowth of a system to accommodate the transfer of regular traffic with airport-sized terminals onto an entirely new rail system with minimum transit date and shuttles travelling at high speeds with high capacity in a confined tunnel environment. This therefore defined the technology to be used, since a high integration was required amongst works and specific transport equipment, an unprecedented rolling stock which include the heaviest traffic on rails, and the largest real metre data system ever employed to manage shuttles travelling at high speeds.Project Roles and ResponsibilitiesProject SponsorAs the pop was in private funded, the sponsor h ad to raise finance on an unprecedented scale finished bank loans and equity while making shares available to the public. The loan was secured through a consortium of 203 banks worldwide. An increase in finance during the course of the project was obligatory to accommodate for the previously unconsidered needs of the IGC and for safety and environmental concerns as well as the benediction of changes do to the project intent by the manager to address the commissions concerns and the degree of fast-tracking between the several phases of the projects. contr tangible issues had to be resolved during the course of the project, with a revised agreement to that made with TML in 1987 being drawn up. As introduction of equipment progressed, the concern shifted to the information of personnel for the operation of the transport system. Maintaining communication between both sides of the tunnel was in like manner crucial in achieving project success.Project ManagerThe project managers principal responsibility was to plan and organise the project effectively to light upon the sponsors devise and social system specifications while adhering to monetary value and meter constraints. During the building phase, the project manager had to appoint sub- asseverators for various stages of the project, with fixed-price contracts issued to reduce be. Other duties included the exclusivelyowance of the project plan to accommodate for changes in the overlord design necessitated by pressures from the Intergovernmental Commission and accounting for safety and environmental concerns. The project manager also had to ensure that there was effective communication between the French and the English sides of the tunnel construction.Project TimelineCommissioningJan 1990 total tunnel bored reached 50km dec 1986 Geotechnical study of Shakespeare Cliff carried out. Cross channel surveys developed for the 1974-1975 tunnel project were refined using the latest satellite observatio nsNov. 1987 Funds arranged totalling 5 billionOct 1990 Eurotunnel Signs agreement for 1.8 billion additional bank credit facilitiesJune 1992 The installation of complex signalling, control and communication system begins.Nov 1993 Commissioning Program Begins swaggering 1987 Construction work begins on both UK (Shakespeare Cliff) and French (Sangatte) sides of the channel habitus 1 Fast-track programme for Channel Tunnel Event dates obtained from Wilson Spark (1994)Original Project ObjectivesThe fundamental objective of the tunnel was to offer a comfortable, fast, frequent and genuine transportation service that linked the United Kingdom to France via the English Channel. ET suggested that that ii rail tunnels and a service tunnel be constructed. The service tunnel was to be fitted with safety and electronic equipment of the highest standard while the rail tunnels were to be designed to accommodate shuttle speeds between 100 to 160 km/h with an average journey magazine of thr ee hours between not bad(p) of the United Kingdom and Paris.The project was initially scheduled for opening on the 15 May, 1993. This meant that the eon taken between design consideration and completion of the project was decide at seven years. Since Eurotunnel could not start earning revenues until the tunnel became operational, schedule overruns were linked rulely to loss of revenue, and were considered a more damaging consequence than direct cost increases. found on the conceptual design, the budget was estimated at 5 billion.It can therefore be observed that the case of the system was of greatest importance in this project. A compromise was necessary between the coveted quality and the time taken to achieve this quality, since as the time increased, so did the costs (in the form of lost revenue). figure 2 indicates the time-cost-quality relationship for the Channel Tunnel project. The red dot represents the relative importance of quality with celebrate to time.Project S trategyThe scale of design was massive and consequently overturned into several smaller projects that ran simultaneously to achieve the overall objectives.Realistic time estimates for the project were obtained from detailed schedule planning during the inception phase of the project. This included activity definition, activity sequencing, and activity duration to develop a service line project schedule. During the course of the project, monitoring and re-evaluation of the time estimates were performed by the performance of a hierarchical planning/control system. This allowed overall strategic planning, proper account to management and detailed logging of day-to-day activities using a computerized reportage system to monitor the progress on all aspects of the project.According to the Channel Tunnel Treaty, Eurotunnel had to obtain funding for the project from private sources, without government assistant or loan guarantees. Hence, financing was obtained through equity and loan ca pital markets.The Intergovernmental Commission (IGC) was put into place to ensure the quality objectives were achieved. This included implementation of a Safety Authority which was responsible for monitoring and specifying design procedures, specifications, construction and issues related to the environment, operation and safety. Since the project was bi-national in nature, the IGC mandated that if there were differences in the standards of the dickens countries, the higher of the two should prevail. The Quality Management plan included quality planning, quality assurance and quality control.Contracts played an essential role in defining the scope of work, cost, timeline and rules of engagement (or penalties).Contract StrategyDuring the conceptual design phase, Eurotunnel contracted TML for the construction of the tunnel. The contract agreements were based on estimated costs since at this stage of the project, detailed design was incomplete and hence, fixed prices were not availabl e. Based on the estimated costs, the contract had three facetsLump sum works for the construction of terminals and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment in both tunnels and terminals.Target works, for all tunnelling and related equipment such as the tunnel boring machines. The arrangement was that if the actual cost was less than the target cost at completion, the contractor forget receive 50% of the savings, while if the actual cost exceeded the target cost, the contractor was required to pay 30% of the excess, up to a maximum of 6% of the target cost.Procurement items for the rolling stock and its associated equipment on a cost reimbursement basis with a procurement fee.Project Manager Type and airET comprised mainly of banks and contractors. Throughout the project, ET was largely criticised for its approach to design and management. This resulted in trouble to deliver the project according to the sponsors time, cost and quality objectives. Additionally, since ETs organisation was bi-national, a sole project manager could not be place.Organisational StructureEurotunnels organisational structure can be described as functional, but its two maturate system made it unique. This is depicted in Figure 3 below.Figure 3 Eurotunnel Management Structure Joint-Board System (adapted from Stannard (1990))/In retrospect with the original project objectives, the Tunnel was not opened until 6 May 1994 at a cost of approximately 12 billion. Additionally, original specifications for the rail system and tunnel quality were revised in order to keep costs down.Many reports have analysed the Channel Tunnel project in an move to determine what went wrong in such a massive construction venture. From its inception, it was plagued by financial and technical woes, blown schedules and super public battles between the company managing the project, ET, and its contractors, TML.One of the chemical elements responsible for the cost overruns stem from the short time al located for bidders to place their proposal for the project in the inception phase. Due to time constraints only a conceptual design was presented and priced. All detail design was to be completed during the construction phase after the bid was won (an example of fast-tracking in the program). Consequently, a number of design problems were not identified from the onset of the project and no provisions were made for them in ETs initial cost estimates. A typical example of this was the need for air-conditioning in the tunnel, and therefore, an additional 200 million to accommodate this new design aspect. Later on, this subscribe to to disputes between ET and TML about who was responsible for these cost overruns.Another important factor to consider was the poor communication between the British and French teams, in addition to ET and TML. Project communications was an important aspect in project planning, especially for a project of this magnitude. The multi-national team of approxima tely 15,000 persons included the politicians, governmental workers, bankers, lawyers and analysts who were responsible for obtaining an approved proposal plan and financing, and the construction workers, machinists and engineers who were responsible for the actual implementation of the project. With a task force of this size, an executional communication plan was necessary to address horizontal and vertical communication channels.An analysis of the Risk Management revealed that focus was on engineering risk as compared to process and approval risk, such as IGC safety decisions and approval, while the business risk was addressed via contractual agreements.During the project life, several key members of the ET team resigned and TMLs management also underwent significant change. Strategies were adjusted given the depreciating status of the project. Organisations involved such as the banks, Safety Authority, environmental issues, local authority and public sagaciousness interfered stro ngly and permanently in this project that was constantly under media scrutiny.The Channel Tunnel was able to withstand all these delays and cost overruns principally because of its highly robust future income stream.

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Psychological Effects of Single Parent Family

Psychological Effects of Single rear Family CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTIONThe purpose of this project proposal is closely perceiver the psycho societal problems subjectd by adolescents from maven bring forth families in the state of Selangor which has high level of divorce and separation cases. Thus, the smell of this proposed choose firstly is to secern, the influences of the family, social system and socioeconomic issues which cause the rise of psychosocial problems of the adolescents from unity female advert families, such as anti-social deportment.In that regard, there are three chapters in this project proposal. Chapter 1 Introduction, provide a discussion around the elemental theme and problem statements which contribute to psychosocial problems of the adolescents. The purpose of qualitative query of causa to face interview is to wear down the objectives acting upon the adolescents from single(a) frets family. Chapter 2 Through the literature review extends the analysis and provokes an mind from the theories. Chapter 3 Qualitative research method of facial expression to face interviews were utilized to identify (N=5) adolescents from the age of fifteen to eighteen from single catch families, (N=5) of their m diverses and (N=1) from the NGO, in auberge to interpret and explain the societal phenomenon of adolescent from single father families.The determination is to address why anti-social behaviour occurs among adolescents from single experience families and also how to and implement methods to prevent and over sum up anti-social behaviour among these adolescents, with the service and ally with the aid of others, such as, government, NGOs, relatives and friends.1.1Background of studyThe focus of the background study reveals increase as in separation and divorce levels due to round(prenominal) factors and influences. From previous studies, single parent family in Malaysia is growing faster than other family sexual relationships. The arran gement of two parents in the family is broadly conceived as an accepted family, and the single parent family is known as a sort of non-accepted family. (Baharudin, R., Et al. Journal of relative Family Studies, 2011). Established on the article from (Overturf, J. V., Downs, B., 2003) it states parental monitoring is an important friendship of adolescence risk behaviour.The full point of adolescence is really essential to the maturation of some(prenominal) person. The identifying features of this end make it unique from other aspects of development. It is a transitional period from childhood to maturity it requires an atmosphere full of passion and understanding to do come up. (Ajidahun, B. O., 2011). Therefore, adolescents from single flummox families may experience peculiar psychological and mad problems of separation anxiety, sorrow, anger, depression, aloneness, and poor sexual self-identity. (Meier, P.D. Minirth, F. B. el ta, 1991). Hence, the significance is likely en gaged in several risk behaviours, such as antisocial behaviour is high.Anti-social behaviour is considered a personality disorder and brings up to behaviour that lacks nerve for others with a high chance of harming others without feeling guilty and an evident flunk of most emotions. (Kalat, J.W., 2008). The development of antisocial behaviour among teens could be drug abuse, vandalism, bullying, and gangsterism. Nevertheless, ground on studies (Lee et al., 2007 Chiah, 2009), it has been discovered that adolescent from single perplex families were much oftentimes taken in social problem behaviours than their twins in two-parent households.Hence, the mise en scene of this background work is founded on face to face questionnaire, interviews in order to gather information that comprises samples of (N=5) adolescents from NGO residential home for the teenagers which residing in the urban center of Petaling Jaya, Selangor and (N=5) of their female parents and (N=1) from the reside ntial dwelling. The interviews questionnaire is used to pack out the collection primary selective information in this field to assess the findings of the research. In addition, based on the qualitative analysis from the work of other researches on anti-social behaviour among these adolescents from single mother families, the factors highlight the realization of several reasons in this area.The important results of the conditional relation of this background study for the adolescents from single mother families seriously need more attention and counselling in the field that becomes problems for them. Parents attention is recommended as revealed in this study, the adolescents need a conducive environment where they can look for help and affirm to resolve their problems inside their families. Therefore, through the interview samples as well as the interpretation of literature and journals, and research has facilitated to improve and determine the levels of the different social classes problems. Aside from the discussion of background study, the following section in particular addresses the problem statements.1.3Problem StatementsThis research aims to identify the psychosocial problems of adolescents from single mother families. The issue of divorce and living in fatherless families, infidelity of preserve and wife, financial issues, emotional and psychological problems and social stigma are some of the major ones. (Faizah bte Abd Ghani Azian Abd Aziz, 2013). Their troubles are often pushed under the carpet, but manifest in anti-social behaviour which includes poor academic performance, relationship with teachers, school mates, mother or father, siblings, relatives and the public at large. They also resort to anti-social activities including drinking, which frequently result in adolescent pregnancies. My study samples are (N=5) adolescents between the ages of fifteen to nineteen, (N=5) single mother and (N=1) from the residential homes for the teenage boys in th e state of Petaling Jaya, Selangor.1.5Research QuestionsIn this research, these are the questions which my research will be addressedWhat are the psychosocial problems of the adolescents from single mother families?What are the factors that influence the development of adolescents from singlemother families?What is the mother closeness in psychosocial problems of their adolescentsdevelopment?To what extent the changes come close to when the adolescents tarry in the NGOresidential homes for the teenagers?These research questions are direct at seeing the chief objectives of this study, which look at the factor do psychosocial problems, such as, anti-social behaviour in the adolescents from single mother families.1.4Research ObjectivesThe intent of this proposed research objective is to limit the possible factors that carry the potential to match the effective operation of the psychosocial problem of the adolescents from single mother families. It is also aimed at the objective as stated belowTo find out the psychosocial problems among the adolescent.To identify the factors that influencing the development of adolescents from singlemother families.To find out what is the mother inter-group communication in their adolescents development.To determine what is the mother involvement in psychosocial problem of theiradolescents development.To find out what extent the changes come about when the adolescents stay in theNGO residential homes for the teenagers.1.6Study percentageThis research covers (a) The definition of a psychosocial problem among the adolescent from single mother families. (b) The factors of psychosocial problems. (c) The mother involvement in psychosocial problems of their adolescents development. (d) The changes occur when the adolescents stay at the NGO homes. The responses to the interview questions and samples will be held through from a residential home for the teenage boys which residing in the City of Petaling Jaya.This chapter closes the call for the proposed research in psychosocial problem among adolescents from single mother families. The financing will be gained from the scope, significance of the problems and aims. The next chapter of this research covers the pertinent literature, letting in the factors, causes and solutions. Additionally, the recommendations proposed will also be discussed, such as, with the psychosocial, socioeconomic and the ecological problems and also how the adolescents from single mother families can seriously consider living a burst lifestyle?

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7) Knowledge Management and Six Sigma Exploring the Potential of deuce Powerful Disciplines, Paige Leavitt1) Six Sigma should not be viewed as a feel program that is commissioned to reduce defects but as a methodological analysis that helps companies relegate meet the needs of their business. KM shares this goal.2) Voice of the customer in the DFSS process is in any case a potential area for a quislingism of ideas. In Design For Six Sigma, knowledge of the customer-centric requirements is a key gossip to the design process, express ODell. And if you could intention knowledge management tools to better understand what the customer is saying to sales people and service people, that training comes back to the folks who displace make a difference in the design process.3) APQCs Lessons Learned The problems, issues, and opportunities in organizations are not about simplification defects they are about responding to new opportunities, using the voice of the customer knowledge, sa id ODell. With both Six Sigma and KM, Im telling you that youre difference to get more of what you want - if you begin to open the conversation to a different way of thinking about solving some of these problems everyplace the long term. Because both Six Sigma and KM have tremendous power, they also have some issues that they need help with.Professionals in both arenas can learn from all(prenominal) other. Six Sigma can learn from KM how to get by knowledge, as well as processes. Joseph Hofer-Alfeis from Siemens said, Six Sigma is oriented to the attribute of products and processes. If you think of a knowledge-intensive business, Six Sigma for knowledge woodland -- the quality of the proficiency, the quality of knowledge flows, and the quality of description knowledge -- should also be a ... ...nage the targeted process (e.g., an policysales agent or supervisor), while otherswork to support the process(e.g., an schooling technology expertwho provides support to theinsurance claimsprocess).Unique project teamsare put together foreach of the projects, and disbanded after these projects arecompleted, handing off resulting improvement-actions to processownerspeople who routinely puzzle out the processes.5) Although each project has different objectives and specific toolsemployed, overall these projects follow a standardized, structuredfive-phase project management approach known as DMAIC forDefine, Measure, Analyze, emend and Control phases (Schroederet al., 2008).6) Project leaders are trained in the use of practices forcollecting, combining, and synthesizing the knowledge of teammembers for use in process improvements (Hoerl, 2001).

Medicine River Essay -- essays research papers

medicine RiverI enjoyed the go for Medicine River, by Thomas King as well as the movie, which was based on the book. Although there were profound differences mingled with the two, they were both pleasantly constructed. Having been instructed to read the book first, I was able to screw the full effect of the story and the message that the author intended for his readers. Although the book and the movie clearly relayed the same story, I wouldve better enjoyed the movie if it had include more incidents from the book, such as the visit from Harlen Bigbears estranged brother, and the nosepiece jump. I also wish the producer would have integrated the many flashbacks that the main protagonist, Will, had from his youth. For example, the letters written by his father to his commence the stories about his mother and her best friend and the relationship with his brother James, namely, the childishness pranks that they played on one another. I am, however, aware of the time constraints tangled when producing a motion picture, and I realize that the script had to be passably altered considering the medium at hand. I found the book to be easy, exciting reading because the story line was very realistic and advantageously relatable. This book flowed for me to a point when, at times, it was difficult to put down. some(prenominal) scenes pleasantly caught me off guard and some were extremely hilarious, namely, the visit to Martha Oldcrow. I found myself really fond of the char...

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The Eucharist in Fellowship of the Ring, Return of the King, and Two Towers :: Fellowship of the Ring Essays

The sacrament of the Eucharist in Fellowship of the Ring, Return of the King, and Two Towers J.R.R. Tolkiens use of waybread takes on the properties of the Catholic Eucharist in The Lord of the Rings. He creates lembas, a additional word form of dried bread and made it the primary food initiation for the main characters. This extra food is, in certain ways, a event of Eucharist, as defined by the Catholic church. Specifically, the parralells can be tack together in the outward similarities and the surrounding effects. Lembas are a special kind of waybread. Waybread is meant to be taken on long trips, so it must be easily preservable, nutritious, light and with no preparation necessary. Lembas are made in the form of light dried cakes, wrapped in leaves to preserve freshness. It is really tasty and seems to have a special quality of instilling energy when the eater has great need of it. Lembas are made by the elves of Lothlorien, a secret and unearthly race who gift the traveling band of heroes with the waybread to help oneself them on their journey (Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring 478). Similarily, the Eucharist is in wafer form, and has the sacred quality of instilling grace in the soul. It is created in a special ceremony and is a major part of the sacrament of theExtreme Unction. The Eucharist is considered by CatholicChristians to be the actual body of Christ. It is interesting to note that both lembas and the Eucharist share the title of Food for the Journey(Nicolas 90). In the case of the Eucharist, this is derived from the ordinance of Extreme Unction. When a person is on the verge of death, a priest is usually summoned to give the person communion to prepare him or her spiritually for death. Since, for the Christian, death is not final, but a door to heaven, it is considered more same(p) a journey, and not an ending. The Eucharist is given to the dying person much(prenominal) as an athlete is given high ene rgy food in effect(p) before a race. Lembas are, from their very name, a kind of food for the journey. both(prenominal) these light wafers have similar purposes, to feed the traveler during a somatic or spiritual journey.

The Character of Dee in Everyday Use :: Everyday Use Essays

The Character of Dee in Everyday Use While information the layer Everyday Use by Alice Walker, I found that I had a surprising amount of anger towards the temper named Dee, or as she prefers Wangero. The anger that was instilled in me was caused by numerous comments and actions that occurred throughout reading the suddenly story. I feel she was selfish, nescient and unappreciative of her past and that the way she carried herself was ridiculous. amend from the beginning of my readings you are introduced to a character named Dee, before you ever retrieve the opportunity to warm up to her character, she shows a very selfish device characteristic and that trait is repeatedly brought out in the story. From the start, shortly after the doorway to her peeled boyfriend, Dee begins to ask for things. For instance, the desk and the chair, Dee wants to take them to help spice up her and hakim the Barbers house when those objects are still in everyday use in their own h ome. Another instance is when she asks her mother for the quilts her grandmother had quilted, her mother utter they were for Maggie (Dees child), Dees reply was that Maggie wouldnt appreciate the quilts and Maggie, being the beautiful person she is, says her older sister can have them. Another reason I had feelings of anger for the character Dee, was that she was uneducated. Not the usual training, such as in college, because she had that, but the education of her heritage, or past. The second statement to her mother was when her mother says Dee, Dee replied saying her new name Wangero, followed by the statement that Dee is dead and that she could no longer take over the name of the people that oppress her. At no point during the story was Dee oppressed or even mentioned being oppressed in the past. thence she tries to track back where her name came from, to show her mother it was a hard worker name or something along those lines. Her mother tracked it back as far as she could remember and no such thing was pointed out. To cue on to another situation where Dee made herself look foolish and uneducated is, when they are leaving, she tells her mother that she just doesnt understand.

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The Effectiveness of a Multicultural and Bilingual Education Essay

The Effectiveness of a multicultural and Bilingual fosterage1 There is a lot of controversy concerning our public commandmental programs. Opinions and lifestyles take issue -- often Often what is beneficial for one group of people is counterproductive for another(prenominal) group. Educational issues are complex and sensitive -- therefore Therefore, we must analyze some(prenominal) sides of the issue in advance we make a decision. Two controversial issues in todays public educational program are multicultural and bilingual education. 2 Some experts believe there are many benefits we, as Ameri posteriors, can experience in a multicultural education. James A Banks states An education that reflects the experiences of a nation across its racial, gender and socioeconomic boundaries-benefits all students. (96) This is from the nurse editor, not from Banks. Banks is a professor and director of the Center for Multicultural Education at the University of Washington in Seattle. P ut this before the quotation. He also believes that an beta goal should be to educate students so they can participate successfully in the workforce and in their civic communities to help the nation commit ideals such as justice, equality and freedom (Banks 97). Studies show that student battle and test scores are increased when taught with group-oriented strategies consistent with their community cultures. inquiry indicates whose authority? students from diverse ethnic backgrounds do better in rail when they have a better understanding of each other?s cultures (Banks 99). 3 Gena Dagel Caponi associate professor of American Studies at the University of Texas in San Antonio states canvass any one part of us does not divide us, it educates us. Occ... ...reenhaven get Inc. 2000. 101-102. Chavez, Linda. The Dangers Of Multiculturalism. Reprinted in Williams, bloody shame E. ed. be Multicultural Approaches Good For Education? oppose Viewpoints. San Diego. Greenhaven Press I nc. 2000. 106. Chavez, Linda. Bilingual Education Is A Failure. Reprinted in Williams, Mary E. ed. Are Multicultural Approaches Good For Education? Opposing Viewpoints. San Diego. Greenhaven Press Inc. 2000. 130-134. Bilingual goes before Dangers Famularo, Thomas J. Multicultural Education Is Counterproductive. Reprinted in Williams, Mary E. ed. Are Multicultural Approaches Good For Education? Opposing Viewpoints. San Diego. 2000. 103-108. Garcia, Ofelia. Bilingual Education Is Beneficial. Reprinted in Williams, Mary E. ed. Are Multicultural Approaches Good For Education? Opposing Viewpoints. San Diego. 2000. 126-129.

The Beast :: essays research papers

In the pictorial matter The Beast, Second in Command, Constantine and Arab caravansary, Mej bothexhibit similar and divers(prenominal) ideals. Some of these ideals such as leadership, tacticalknowledge and their attitude toward the Russian soldiers play an important role in thesesoldiers fates.Both Constantine and Mej bewilder genuinely good leadership abilities. They are similar inthat both of them have their correct forced upon them. Mej becomes Khan when theruling Khan is pop outed and his older sidekick is run over by a tankful driven by the Russians.The Uncle of Mej whom he adores, tries to explain how to be a good Khan and how to train himself and his men through his title as Khan. Constantine is in the leadershipposition only temporarily. The Commander is losing his mind and Constantine mounts amutiny against him. The Commander overcomes and ties Constantine to a rock and leaveshim for dead. Against the word of his soldiers, Mej takes Constantine in who has criedfor nanawati. Constantine proves his worth when he fixes the Arabs RPG missilelauncher. He helps Mej lead his men because he knows the Russian weaknesses. Mej asksfor Constantines help to destroy the tank and Constantine agrees. Constantine in a waytakes the Uncles place in guiding Khan Mej to destroying the tank which has taken hisbrothers life. Tactical knowledge also plays a major role in these soldiers traits as a characters. Both Constantine and Mej are genuinely smart, clever and resourceful. Constantine repairs theArabs RPG with parts from another gun so that it would be operational. in any case he devises aplan to overthrow the commander. Mej shows he is savvy because he knows a shortcut tothe pass that the tank must drive through. They are both different from each other in thatConstantine knows a atomic pile about the weaponry and the weaknesses of the Russian tank andMej knows the Arab terrain. this Puts the Russians at a great disadvantage.Constantine and Mej both look a t Russian soldiers alike. Constantine seeksrevenge against the soldiers for leaving him for dead. Mej wants to kill what killed hisbrother. They are different because Constantine will not go as far as killing them.

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Influences of a Teacher Essay -- Learning Education Essays

A hundred years from now it result not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove but the cosmos may be different because I was important in the look of a child.-Unknown What does a teacher do? Well, besides giving step to the fore tons of papers, numerous tests, and stories that the students arnt interested in reading (or just similarly lazy to read), teachers are responsible for creating the future leaders of tomorrow. In instantlys cabaret one may find advancement difficult without a dinner gown education. Education is one of societys institutions that helps to infuse in our younger generation the norms, determine and morals of the world we live in. Teachers lead their students on the trip to success. beat you ever wondered how you would have gotten where you are today, or how you leave alone get where you will be tomorrow without a great instructor? According to a private pedagogical survey of sources (teachers and studen ts), some of the main qualities of teachers should be discipline, motivation, and above all, respect. I have interviewed three teachers and three students from the High School, Middle School, and master(a) School levels. How do we define discipline? When most people discover the word discipline they imagine an eighty year old, six substructure five matron holding a long stick, preparing to give some communicative child his just punishment. In modern terms, having a disciplined classroom is simply the act of maintaining structure and consistency in the working environment. delay is hard to achieve in a class where the teacher and students are viewed as equals. In this form of study, students will tend not to beware to the teacher when the time comes to work or be productive. In his article, Ill ... ... open to apply what they learned. Just think, the positive influence of a teacher today creates the successful individual of tomorrow.Works CitedCheney, Lynne V. P.C. Alive a nd Entrenched The Presence of OthersVoices that impose for Response. 2nd ed. Ed. Andrea A. Lunsford and John J.Ruszkiewicz. New York St Martins Press, 1977. 112 Haffamier, Suzanne & Lauren. Personal Interview. 6 Mar. 1999 Harr, Kerry. Personal Interview. 8 Mar. 1999 Schwartz, Arnie. Personal Interview.7 Mar. 1999 Shaw, Megan. Personal Interview.6 Mar. 1999 Thom, Chris. Personal Interview. 8 Mar.1999 Zawodniak, Christian. Ill Have to Help most of You More Than I Want ToTeacher Power, Student Pedagogy. The Presence of OthersVoices that environ for Response. 2nd ed. Ed. Andrea A. Lunsford and John J. Ruszkiewicz. New York St Martins Press, 1977. 127- 130.

King Lear :: William Shakespeare Literature Essays

King Lear,Abbey exhibited King Lear, another(prenominal) of his large, dramatic pictures, at the Royal Academy in 1898 the painting was accompany in the catalog by these lines from Act I, scene i Ye jewels of our father, with wash eyesCordelia leaves you. I know what you arAnd, like a sister, am most loth to callYour faults as they are named. Love hygienic our father.To your professed bosoms I commit him.But yet, alas stood I within his grace,I would prefer him to a better place.So farewell to you both.The critics saw much to like in Abbeys King Lear. The reviewer for The Art Journal (1898, p. 176) comments peculiarly on the bold use of color and the grouping of the figures on the see If the admirers of Mr. Abbey felt that the note of the superbly dramatic Richard III. was not repeated with quasi(prenominal) force in last years Hamlet and Ophelia, all doubts should be set at rest by the barbaric majesty of the Scene from Lear, a national which, under the title of Cordelias Po rtion, inspired Madox Brown to the production of one of his finest compositions. The superior figure in Mr. Abbeys commanding decoration is Cordelia, and it is impossible to resist the colour-charm in which she is invested. Her yellow-green vestment with the deep blue border set against the green dress of France, and opposed to the menacing reds and sombers of Goneril and Regan, is a triumph of originality. As in Richard III. thither is a strong suggestion motion, and the drooping figure of Lear sustained by his pages and followed by his men-at-arms from the left to right of the canvas gives this note. The dramatic figure of the sisters in the attitudes of dignified indifference and mock courtesy are splendidly realized, and the foot-light payoff discernible throughout the picture certainly adds to the intenseness of the composition. Unmistakably in this beta group, Mr. Abbey has reached a very high level and is going far to prove, by this magnificent series of object lessons, that his decorative style is capable of grownup the fullest expression of dramatic motives. H. S., the reviewer for The Spectator (May 14, 1898, p. 694), also remarks on the assurance of the colour and judges the effects gorgeous and beautiful. The truth of the gestures, he adds, are as finely conceived as are the combinations of scarlet and purple black crimson and sea-green.

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Religion and Science in the Parable of the Unjust Steward :: Christianity Religious Scientific Essays

ABSTRACT The Parable of the Unjust Steward should be interpreted allegorically, its literal interpreting sh feature to be impossible. Certain facts depict this fable unique a lord as the Lord divine possessions the symbolization of the house interpreted as a human world the substantial principles of the world understood as the governor of a human being the Lords debtors as spiritual teachers of various kinds theological doctrines with their own theogonic and cosmogonic views, all claiming to know the truth in its wholeness. Their debts consist of their misunderstandings and errors which bear caused the difference between them and truth. Examples of the part of the material principles of the world in correcting theological doctrines are adduced. Two different kinds of debt are considered. I conclude that make to yourselves friends of the riches of unrighteousness means that the material reasons of the world, the light of this age, must be used for the good of spiritual teachin gs.The subject I am handout to approach may at first glance trainm non to belong at all to the subject of the current session. However we shall see that the subsequent material has the most immediate connection to the theme of philosophical system of religion. The question is of the Parable of the Unjust Steward. Before I begin the definition itself, let me remark that this parable is a text unique with compliance to its isolation from the rest of the texts of the Bible. For in all of Scripture there is non horizontal the slightest reference to this parable. And the Parable of the Unjust Steward has remained in the vileness of misunderstanding not only after the first glance, but even after the thousandth one. No exegete has ever been able to give an interpretation which is free of internal and other contradictions. This fact also makes this parable unique. So much for the rule declaring that closer an interpreter to the time of Scripture cave in is his chance to penetrate into the mystery of it, which lies at the base of the habit of magnifying the opinions of the perform Fathers.It will not be out of place here to back out the words of Maimonides a story which is repugnant to both reason and uncouth sense ... contains a profound allegory ... and the greater absurdity of the letter, the deeper the wisdom of the spirit. We have just such a case.

A Technophobic Confession :: Personal Narrative Computers Papers

A Technophobic Confession I am a technophobe. There, I admitted it. The Unabomber, George Orwell, my hardheaded grandfather and I are all members of the equivalent fraternity. I am in the closet no longer. Just because I dont blow up buildings doesnt mean Im not afraid of the unrelenting incursion of technology. I went to highschool school in a small townsfolk in rural Illinois, and until the age of sixteen, I was able to survive without miserable a calculator. In fact, the only one I remember beholding on a regular basis was the one in the nook of the public library. Up until my junior year in high school, that computer was just about the loneliest thing in the world. Most of the people in town used a computer for one of two things cry processing or playing video games, and anybody who really had any craving to do either of these owned a computer or had door to one at work. The librarians daughter used to set books on pinnacle of that computer when she was sorting them out to be reshelved. I always perspective of the computer as just that, an overglorified bookrack. I laughed to see a tall, precariously balanced pile of books on top of the monitor, which was all but unnoticeable by its dust cover body bag. I laughed because I am a technophobe, and to see it being used in this manner tranquilize me that computers were, quite obviously, a waste of time and money. Then the e-mail pandemic began cropping up in cities across the nation, and it spread quickly. Like all innovations, it ultimately made its way to the Middle West. The outbreak in my hometown started where I least(prenominal) expected it in that eternally slumbering computer sitting underneath the spate of book returns. It happened overnight. The computer was wired to the Internet. The small weekly local melodic theme pushed the Knights of Columbus hall off the front page to run a story about the Information Superhighway. Clouds brooded on the horizon and little child ren tossed uneasily in their sleep. I was good friends with the librarians daughter. We went to the same high school. She was in my circle of friends. We were juniors. She was the first to get an email address.

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History of Herman Melville :: essays research papers

Herman Melville was born in new-fangled York City on August 1, 1819. He was the third child of eight. Herman went to initiate early in New York City. His dad used to travel a lot and used to tell him stories which sparked his love of adventure. His induce was always on boats and told stories about the giant waves and the ships breaking like sticks. His father also enjoyed talking about Liverpool also, being that it was one of his fathers favorite places to visit. His father was an importer of French goods and became bankrupt and insane and he died when Melville was 12. When his dad died the family moved to a small town along the Hudson River and he stayed there until 1835 which is when he went to the capital of New York Classical School for a year or so. Hermans bring was left alone to raise eight children. When Herman was 7 he had violent fever in and it left Melville with permanently weakened eyesight.Richard Henry Dana wrote a book called Two Years Before the Mast. That book was published in 1840, and was at once talked of everywhere. Melville must have read it at the time. The abutting year after he read it he once to a greater extent signed up for a ship, and on January 1, 1841, sailed from New Bedford, Massachusetts bear in the whaler Acushnet that was going for the Pacific Ocean and the sperm fishery. He didnt leave much information as to the events of this time, but he may of wrote Moby-Dick because of this time. Melville decided to abandon the vessel when it got to the Marquesas Islands and when he was there he wrote Typee and its sequel, Omoo. After staying on the Marquesas Islands he shipped for Honolulu. He stayed there for four months and worked as a clerk. He joined a ship called which reached Boston and the keep stopping on the way at one of the Peruvian ports in 1844. While he was there he used his experiences to write pureness JacketHerman Melville married Elizabeth Shaw on August 4, 1847. This was the end of all his travels on ships. Herman Melville and his wife lived in New York City until 1850. In 1850 they bought a farmhouse at Pittsfield. Herman Melville stayed here for thirteen years and continued with his writing, and taking care of his.

F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Lost Hope of Babylon Revisited :: Literary

F. Scott Fitzgerald and the bemused Hope of Babylon RevisitedF. Scott Fitzgerald is known as the spokesman of the disjointed Generation of Americans in the 1920s. The phrase, Lost Generation, was coined by Gertrude stein to describe the young men who had served in globe War I and were forced to grow up to find solely Gods dead, each wars fought, all faiths in man shaken (Charters 489). Fitzgerald exemplified the generation that Stein defined. His family, with help from an aunt, put him with preparatory school and then through Princeton University (Charters 489). Fitzgeralds family hoped that he would stop wasting his time scribbling and would be solid about his studies (Charters 489). However, he left college before graduating and accepted a management as a second lieutenant in the Regular soldiery during World War I (Charters 489). During his military service, he spent approximately of his time theme his first novel, This Side of Paradise (Charters 489). The peak of Fitzg eralds fame as a writer came with the publication of The Great Gatsby, in 1925 (Charters 489). Fitzgerald, writing in the third person, reflected back fondly on the Jazz sequence because it bore him up, flattered him, and gave him more money than he had dreamed of, simply for verbalise people that he felt as they did, that something had to be done with all the nervous energy stored up and unexpended in the War (Charters 489).In the years of the 1930s and the Great Depression, Fitzgerald saw his own physical and wound up world collapse with the decline of his literary reputation and the failure of his marriage. Fitzgeralds last years as a writer were truly incapacitated . . . writing Hollywood screenplays and struggling to finish his novel The Last great power (Charters 489). Fitzgerald wrote approximately 160 stories during his career (Charters 489). Babylon Revisited, written in 1931, is one of his afterwards works. It is considered more complicated emotionally than his earli er works because he shows slight regret for the past and more dignity in the face of veritable sorrow (Charters 489).Babylon Revisited focuses on Charlie Wales, a man who returns to Paris to retrieve his little girl and begin his emotional state anew as a family with her. The title is take over because Charlie returns to Paris where, before the Depression hit, he and his wife lived a life of endless partying and spending of money, where everything had a price that he could afford to pay.

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The Failure and Rebirth of Burmese Nationalism Essay -- International

All throng in the world filtrate to find a sense of belonging. This sense is coupled with ethnic identities, ethnic customs, and social implications. The free radicals that inhabit the corner of the world, now known as Myanmar, pee had great struggles and upheavals by the last century. They have been stricken with World War, emancipation struggles, as well as military dictatorship. The Burmese groups have attempt with diligence to establish their own states, but in the end only has fallen upon them and their tale is one of grief and sadness. The failure of Burmese superpatriotic movement is through the conflicting interests of the world, the clashes between Burmese ideology, and the differences of ethnic acceptance. up to now badly the movement failed, a new movement has taken bound and is a blossoming root of hope for the millions of Burmese living in poverty today. The area in Southeast Asia that contains Burma today has been a go under of human life for millennium. Le aders came and went, and the usual cycle of empires, kings, and regimes passed over the people of Burma. The scene of nationalistic fervor, however, starts after the takeover of Burma by the British through the entirety of the nineteenth century (Badertscher). Like always, the British began to permeate the past Burmese culture with foreign elements, thus starting the colonial block of Burmas history and of struggles to resist such control (Burma). Using a divide and conquer strategy, British command authorized minorities like the Karen group of Burmese to be in the military and in local folksy administrations (Burma). This way they built resentment that is still apparent in umteen cases today. The nationalist movements present globally in the nineteenth and twent... ...artin, Patricia. Aung San Suu Kyi. Aung San Suu Kyi (2011) 1. MAS Ultra - drill Edition. Web. 10 Apr. 2012.Nothing New But the Name. The Economist 20 Oct. 1990. schoolchild Research Center. Web. 3 Apr. 2012. .P ittman, Todd, and Aye Aye Win. Myanmar Elections Aung San Suu Kyi, Opposition Leader, Wins Parliament Seat. The Huffington Post., 01 Apr. 2012. Web. 3 Apr. 2012. .Steinberg, David I. Burma, the State of Myanmar. Washington, D.C. Georgetown UP, 2001. Print.The business relationship of Burma. Canadian Friends of Burma. Web. 10 Apr. 2012. .

The Impact of the Communist Manifesto During the Late 1800s and Early 1900s :: History Historical Karl Marx Communism Essays

The jar of the commie manifesto During the Late 1800s and Early 1900s There is no interrogative that the Communist Manifesto was a shocking and radical document for its time, but it did much more than shock the public. The Communist Manifesto made the laden conscious of their status and influenced the unity of the working program. It also influenced the rotary motions of 1848, it formed the weed of the reorganization of the Communist League and the demands of the Communist party, it influenced other(a) radicals to take action, and it importantly influenced all subsequent Communist literature. The Communist Manifesto made the oppress people aware of their status and called them to unite. It did this by outlining the history of classes and class struggle. The Communist Manifesto stated that society and history are shaped by class struggles and that two classes were present in 1848, the bourgeois and the proletariat. The document goes on to state that the bourgeois had cre ated capitalism and were oppressing the proletariat.1 Marx defines the proletariat as an appendage of the form. 2 He recognized how the proletariats were being exploited and he brought it to the attention of the public. non only does the Communist Manifesto point out that the proletariats were being exploited, it went a step further and called the proletariats to action. He called the working class the revolutionary class and told them that they had the power to fight the bourgeois.3 The Communist Manifesto forced the Proletariats to recognize their exploitation. As a result the attitude of the proletariat was changed. Proof that the proletariats attitudes were changed comes from the widespread grow of revolutions in Europe that followed the publication of the Communist Manifesto.The widespread uprising of the revolutions afterwards the publication of the Communist Manifesto are know as the Revolutions of 1848. They started in France and mainly spread to Germany, Italy, a nd the Austrian Empire, but were documented in other empires as well, but on a lesser degree.4 Although the Communist Manifesto is not said to be the driving force behind these revolutions it can definitely be noted as a factor. The revolution in France happened because the working class desired universal suffrage. King Louis Philippe was overthrown and the Second majority rule of France was established. The revolution in Germany, partially inspired by the French revolution that preceded it, unified the country with the national parliament.

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Self-esteem Essay -- Psychology, Anxiety

To date, there is a large body of studies condescend the function of self-pride defend against death anxiety. Conventional studies on the usance of self-esteem act as an anxiety buffer to the fatality rate saliency rely on the self-report questionnaire as the amount of moneyment tool (Burke et al., 2010). The construct measure by self-report questionnaire is mainly derived from the concept of explicit self-esteem. It is common for the research of TMT utilise explicit self-esteem indicates the concept of self-esteem and hence to explain their situation on mortality salience (Pyszczynski, & Greenberg, 1992).Explicit self-esteem is measured in a conscious way. It is a reliable measure for the construct but we should not ignore the role of unconscious(p) and introspective measurement of self-esteem. However, there is let off concern about the social desirability effect on the self-report measurement. forward research examined that participants had a tendency to have self-decep tion and impressive trouble on the measurement (Paulhus, 1998).It is not necessary to hold the view that self-reflections nevertheless process in conscious level. There argon evidence revealed that more social cognitive functions operates in a unconscious evaluation (Greenwald & Banaji, 1995). silent measures of personality have proven useful since the beginning of personality psychology (Wilson, Lindsey, & Schooler, 2000). Scholars have argued that certain self-reflections may similarly operate at unconscious levels. It is assumed that non-conscious self-reflections are inaccessible to rational and conscious and have to key out in an indirect and understood way (Greenwald & Banaji, 1995). The automatic self-reflection is termed as unsaid self-esteem. Implicit self-esteem is defined as an aut... ... the other hand, there are several researches to construct self-esteem as other source of self-esteem or other self-related concept on TMT. For example, self-esteem is defined as a self-body image and body esteem (Goldenberg, McCoy, Pyszczynski, Greenberg, & Solomon, 2000 Goldenberg & Shackelford, 2005) self-enhancement (Arndt & Goldernberg, 2011) and fitness intentions (Arndt, Schimel, & Goldenberg, 2003).Therefore, it is justified sufficient to predict that people with high implicit self-esteem can compact death anxiety by imposing defensive response to the mortality salience. In the theoretical point of view, full understanding of self-esteem in the TMT requires taking into consideration components of self-esteem other than the explicit level. These include implicit self-esteem and hence both implicit and explicit self-esteem result be examined in the current study.

McMurphy as Hero of Ken Keseys One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest :: One Flew Over Cuckoos Nest

McMurphy as Hero of One Flew Over the Cuckoos come near   A hero is considered to be any man noted for fortitude or nobility of Purpose especially, bingle who has risked or sacrificed his intent. In stack Keseys novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, the reader can see how McMurphy is a bill example of a hero. McMurphys strength embodies a heroic devotion to the former(a) acutes on the ward.   There were no heroes on the psychiatric ward until McMurphys arrival. McMurphy gave the patients braveness to stand against a truncated concept of masculinity, such as accommodate Ratched. For example, Harding states, No ones ever dared to come out and say it before, but at that place is not a man among us that does not think it. That doesnt find just as you do about her, and the whole business feels it someplace put through deep in his sacred little soul. McMurphy did not that understand his friends/patients, but understood the enemy who portrayed evil, spit e, and hatred. McMurphy is the only one who can stand against the Big Nurses oppressive supreme power. Chief explains this by stating, To beat her you dont have to whip her two out of three or three out of five, but every time you meet. As before long as you let d admit your guard, as sson as you loose once, shes won for good. And eventually we all got to lose. Nobody can help that. McMuprhys struggle for hte patients dispense with will is a disruption to Nurse Ratcheds social order. Though she holds down her guard she yet is incapable of controlling what McMurphy is incontrollable of , such as his friends easily being, to the order of Nurse Ratched and the Combine.   Even though McMurphys own sacrifice of life is the price of his victory, he still attempts to push the ward patients to hold thier own ain opinions and fight for what is ethically right. For instinace, McMurphy states, But I tried though, he says. Goddammit, I sure as hell id that much, now didnt I? McMurphy strains to incur the fellas courage and determination in a place full of lack and perfection. McMurphy obtains a lot of courage in maintaining his own sort of personal integrity, and trying to keep the guys intergrity and optimistic hope up.

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The Odyssey Essay -- Homer, Odyssey Essays

Q1. What atomic number 18 the characteristics of a hero in Homers poems? What attributes are valued?The Homeric epics describe a race of heroic men these men are more mightily than ordinary men, and yet, they are not quite as glorious as gods. The heroes are characterized by their authority, warfare skill, intelligence, moral character, and favor of the gods.The Homeric heroes are strong and skillful warriors. Achilles is noted for being the greatest Greek warrior. He is bashn as the great runner (109). He is fast, strong, and skilled with his spear. When Achilles confronts Hector, top executive Priam implores Hector to flee. He tells Hector that he firet impertinence Achilles for hes too much (174). As Achilles closes in on Hector, he looks like the God of War himself (177). Brave Hector, the greatest of the trojan horse wars, loses his nerve and flees in terror. Achilles is a brave warrior he is not terror-stricken of anything. He charges against the fifth column army si ngle-handedly. He routs the Trojans, killing every Trojan in his path. When he refuses to fight due to his feud with Agamemnon, the Greeks are ineffective to stand without him. His very presence brings courage to the Greeks and sends fear to the Trojans.Physical strength is not the only thing that is valued. Odysseus is the hero who demonstrates the wit and intelligence can sometimes overpower brute force. Odysseus is introduced as the man of twists and turns (207). His cunning and glib skills are mentioned numerous times in the poem. The best display of Odysseus cunningness is his excogitate of escape from the Cyclops cave. Odysseus knows that he cannot merely kill the Cyclops in his sleep none of them are strong enough to roll ski binding the immense stone. So, he devises a clever plan, calling himsel... ...shows himself to be the defeat of the suitors, though he may be the handsomest. The other are frighten to see how Antinous treats the beggar. They know that the gods do take on the look of strangers (414). They know that Antinous fate is sealed (414). Antinous lacks any sense of morality and hospitality which a civilized Greek should display.The Odyssey illustrates the importance of hospitality. It shows examples of people who manifest hospitality and are blessed by it or who become instruments of blessing others. It also shows by contrast, guests who take scorn their hosts hospitality and hosts who are bleak to their guests. Those who manifest xenia, whether host or guest, are the civilized and moral characters. Those who demoralize the rules of xenia are seen as savage and ill-bred they eventually incur sound judgement for failing in their religious duty.

Muhammad Ali :: essays research papers

Muhammad AliThe greatest mystery of the 1996 Olympic summer games in Atlanta, was solved at28 minutes past midnight the day of the opening ceremony. The agitate erupted whenthe Olympic torch was passed to Muhammad Ali. The Olympic gold medal boxerMuhammad Ali bring up the torch and trembled before a crowd screaming Ali. He hence sent the fire soaring high above the stadium to awake the ceremonialOlympic cauldron. This moment was truly one of the finest ever to umpteen sportsfan, considering the tragedy Ali has been through, he still executed the missionas a true champion. Ali was born Cassius Marcellus body in Louisville, KY., onJanuary 17, 1942. He grew up in a forgetful family. His adolescence was influenced bya prejudice society, and the poor black neighborhood where he grew up. Ali hadproblems in school at an primal submit and felt he wanted to do somethingdifferent. His dreams were going to be fulfilled at an age of 12, when JoeMartin, a police officer and a boxing inst ructor, encouraged Ali to start withboxing. Ali showed great skills at an early stage of his boxing career. At theage of 16, Ali had won two Golden glove Titles, two National AAU Titles, he wasby now nationally recognized. When the 1960 capital of Italy Olympic Game was about to takeoff, Ali was provided with an opportunity to represent his country. At thispoint he had fought 103 amateur matches, and had only lost five. Ali went withthe Olympic team to Rome, and he did not only participate, he also won the odd Olympic gold medal. Ali returned home from Italy, and he felt that hehad make a difference when he won the gold medal for his country. When he gotback to his hometown, Louisville, he thought that he was going to be hardened asa champion, but he was still discriminated by the vacuous society. In anger, Alidecided to throw his Olympic gold medal into the Ohio river, as a protestagainst what he perceived as racism in his hometown. At this point Ali wanted totake a stand agains t the secretion of the blacks in the US, and did so byhis actions. By the age of 22 Clay had a professional boxing record of 19 winsand no loss. On February 25, 1964, Ali got the chance to fight for the worldheavyweight championship. Despite his prior record, Ali was considered to be theunderdog, few experts gave him a chance. Before the fight Ali used the media

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The Scarrlet Letter :: essays research papers

The Scarrlet LetterAs citizens of the united States and members of the most open society in the world it is difficult for us to picture a world where the phrases womans rights, equal opportunity, and religious freedom nurture little meaning. When the surface of American history is scratched, not necessarily late a past of limited rights for women is soon revealed. The challenge to any gen geological erator comes in painting a picture of this colonial past to some(prenominal) current readers and readers to come. Nathaniel Hawthorne In his book The Scarlet Letter successfully meets this task finished the character of Hester Prynn. Hawthorne describes a woman with independence ahead of her time and a social order unprepared to accept her.Hesters independence was promptly present at the novels beginning. The court has ruled as punishment for her adultery she must(prenominal) wear an A upon her chest, that to the colonist served as a reminder of the punishment they would plunk for if their sins were to be discovered, and to Hester a reminder of sin. Hester stands alone outside the court stick out as the close minded colonial eyes stare at her and the baby in her arms. Many women during this era of American history would account for a way to run. Hester shows little sign of uneasiness, with exception to her firm bobby pin on the infant. At the conclusion of this scene the reader knows that this is a gruelling woman trying to maintain dignity in a territory were a womans independence ranked right above blasphemy on the hierarchy of values.Throughout the novel Hester demonstrates her independence of living. Her husband never comes forward, and her caramel does the same. With everyone denying relations Hester is forced to live alone. She ascents the child by herself and is successful in her enterprise of sewing and hemming. Hawthorne informs us that this life vogue of isolationism is unique to her, and convinces us that an norm colonial woman could not survive under these conditions. At this smudge in the book Hester has shown her independence in dealing with lifes crisis, and in her style of living.The best way to understand a parents personality is to examine how they raise their children. This idea holds true when one examines closely the techniques Hester uses to raise Pearl. In this era of religious totality, independence of thought, and the teachings of those ideals commanded little