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Chapter 11: Inter molecular Forces To this point: weve focused on the genius of the forces within molecules E.g. H2O: we can describe the bonding, geometry, and signboard victimisation VB and VSEPR ideas Intramolecular forces forces within molecules, e.g., covalent/ionic bonds, etc. influence molecular shape, bond energies, polarity, etc. Now: how do molecules interact with each some other? intermolecular forces forces amidst molecules nature of intermolecular forces determines physical properties of liquids & solids, e.g., boiling & melting points What differentiates the vapourific state from the liquid & solid states? How to good example the trey states of matter? is a professional    essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
We use the energising molecular theory Kinetic-molecular explanation of sportes, liquids & solids Kinetic-molecular model of a gas: Collection of widely separated, noninteracting particles Constant, haphazard motion Average kinetic energy of particles >> attractive forces in the midst of particles drop of fast(a) attractive forces amongst particles allows a gas to overgorge its container Kinetic-molecular model of liquids Intermolecular attractive forces strong comely to persuade particles close together Liquids are more irksome and less squeezable than gases little empty space between particles than in a gas Clusters or groups of particles can lock move coitus to unmatched another Av erage kinetic energy of particles [pic]inter! molecular attractive forces Kinetic-molecular model of solids Intermolecular attractive forces strong enough to lock particles in place Less compressible than liquids less empty space between particles a smashing deal have highly ordered structures (crystalline solids) Particles are not redundant to move - they can only vibrate relative to integrity another Average kinetic energy of particlesIf you essential to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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