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AnthropologyThe word is derived from the Greek word , anthropos means worldly concernkind organism and logos means watch or science . I .e . anthropos ( gentleman race being logos (science or lose it ( written report /science of compassionate being . Aristotle first used the terminus Anthropologia which denotes for seeing pot of mankind . The term anthropologia was used to preserve to inherent human being nature organically rooted in the human estimation and body (17th century . But , In general is the study of human biologySome definitions Anthropology is the study of way of life sentence of primitive deal .
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As they can custom study of structure and evolution of man as favorable animate being Oxford Learner vocabulary Anthropology is the man and his whole kit and raft Herskovits Anthropology is a science of man , his works and behaviors Kroer Anthropology is the study of man and of all his works in its fullest sand , it is the study of races and usage of mankind Hoebel Anthropology is the study of origin , study and nature of the human species Beals and HoijerIn sum is the study the condition from then(prenominal) to stick including origin , education , expansion of human beings with forcible structure of mankindNaturesAnthropology is both hearty and natural sciencePhysical is the natural scienceCultural is the social scienceAn anthropologist not lone(prenominal) studies all build of people , they withal study many expectations of human ex! perienceAnthropology emphasizes relative studies of contemporary culturesAnthropologist doesn t only explain natural phenomena but also explains relationship or kinship of human being of societyAnthropology studies the socio-cultural aspect of the society with the stand by of scientific methodAnthropology deals with human in all places of world and it uses holistic approach to study human being from past o present . There be two broad compass of anthropological studyPhysical /biologicalSocial /culturalPhysical studies the physical structures of human beings It also deals with Paleontology which is the study of fossils of past beings especially pre-historic fossils . Pre-historic fossils ruin the evolution mankind from the physical aspects . And cultural studies the cultural aspect of human beings from past to present ...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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