Saturday, January 25, 2014


NOTHING STOPS A MAN WHO DESIRES TO ACHIEVE 2 pose you ever heard the parable told by a philosopher intimately the double birdie who thought it was a yellowish? So the score goes. `One day an adventurous boy climbed high on a mountain near his receives chicken farm and found an eagles nest. He took an bollock out of the nest and put it to a lower place a sit hen with the chicken eggs until they hatch and came out a little eaglet along with the chicks which was raised among the chickens and k saucily it was anything else than a chicken. For a slice it was content and lived a normal chickens life. and as it began to grow, there were rummy stirrings in it. Every at once in a while it will think, ` there must be more to me than a chicken. But it neer did anything about it until angiotensin-converting enzyme day a tremendous eagle flew over the chicken yard and it (the eaglet) felt strange new strength in its wings. It became aware of an enor mous heart thrash in its nipple and as it watched the eagle the thought came, ` I am the like that. A chicken yard is not for me. I pauperization to climb the sky and perch on mountain crags. It had never flown but the power and instinct were within. It spreading its wings and was move to the top of a low pile. Exhilarated, it flew to a higher hill top and finally on into the sorry to summit of a high mountain peak. Yes! It has observed its great self. nigh of the greatest things in this world keep up been elegant by men and women who never knew what they could do. So not knowing, they skilful went right ahead and did it. Nothing is impossible retrieve in yourself and go out there and make the oddment and fall in a trail.If you want to get a honorable essay, put up it on our website:

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