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Classic Principles of Argumnet Paper Aiesha Wilson English 215 September 11, 2011 Adeleke Adeeko Abstract Hurricane Katrina was a catastrophic character that opened our grounds look to some acrid realty. Jim, Wallis describes in his seek Hurricane Katrina What the Waters Revealed how our land was exposed to the uncouth realties of how class and race is intertwined with our dry lands abject mendicancy. The seek sheds light on how the nations poverty levels oddly in stark naked beleaguering of siege of siege of Orleans are deplorable and unacceptable. Mr. Wallis calls for the nations government to put the interests of the nations mess out front of any politicians personal agenda. He paints a clear picture of what challenges the people of New Orleans go about before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. Logos In What the Waters Revealed the author discusses how Hurricane Katrina shown a light on poverty in New Orleans and the world in general. Hur ricane Katrina helped to broadcast how galore(postnominal) people especially, African Americans are truly poor. Because of Katrina for the first time in many old age the nation is now focused on how much(prenominal) poverty is bear on the United Sates. In our nations history Hurricane Katrina exposes our nations refutation the number of Americans living and existing in abject poverty. The essay reflects on societys faltering to admit how poverty and race correlates to our American society. As tell by Jim Wallis Katrina has revealed what was already there in America; an unperceivable and mostly inactive poverty that we have chosen not to talk about, allow alone to take responsibility for in the richest nation on earth. The author appeals to the lecturer to understand how his entropy correlates to the core of the problems of our nation because of Hurricane Katrina. The author uses his data to help the reader see how he has exposed the ill-forgotten poverty stric ken citizens of New Orleans and our nation. ! poignancy The author paints an emotional and...If you want to get a replete essay, order it on our website:

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