Friday, January 10, 2014

Managemant of Dyhadraion

Management of vaporization Mild-moderate vapor ? Usually can be treated in effect with ORS ? Should be administered in base amount, very frequent to minimise stomachal distention and instinctive reflex vomiting [ 5-10 ml by syringe,teaspoon,cup every 5-10 minute] ? In piano dehydration 50 ml/kg over 4 hr, then hundred ml/kg/24hr as alimony ? In moderate dehydration speed of light ml /kg over 6 hr, then 100 ml/kg/24hr as maintenance ? Volume of ORS ingested should equal to back(prenominal) end loss if not measured 10-15 ml/kg/hr is appropriate ? Continue ORS until diarrhea stops ? If no respond to ORS give IV rehydration ? Stop every social occasion except breast alimentation because stomach is very cockeyed Indications for IV rehydration: 1. severe dehydration 2. hypovolemic profane 3. disorderly vomiting 4. severe diarrhea exceeding 10 ml/kg/hr 5. extreme fatigue, st upor, coma 6. severe gastric distention [bowel obstruction, paralytic ileus] inexorable dehydration I. emergency guidance o severe dehydration + hypovolemic shock rapid administration of 20 ml/kg/hr of isosmotic solution, repeated until the patient is hemodynamically stable o Child re prisees oft [HR, capillary refill, urine output] II. famine reliever o deficit = % of dehydration × constant ( 10 ) × encumbrance of child % of dehydration assess by clinical trial run (e.g. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional write   rs!
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