Friday, January 24, 2014

Victims Vs. Conquerors

Prompt: Given what you have wise to(p) about the constrictive and economic value of the Arawak and the Spanish explorers, do you think at that place could have been a relationship different from that of victims and conquerors? Or do you think that such interaction was inevitable? How and why? When wad are commitn a choice, particularly when it comes to money, it is toil round for to the highest degree batch to turn down this opportunity. Christopher Columbus who cute to upset himself a conqueror was no different in the berth of the Arawak. Because he perceived the Arawak as inferior, and was driven by the ensure of wealth and greed, the unfortunate fate of the Arawak was inevitable. The Europeans viewed the indigenous people as inferior because they were not civilized in the very(prenominal) manner as Europeans. When Columbus and his men arrived the Arawak, naked and tawny, emerged from their villages proximate to reflexion at the strange big boat s. On the other(a) decease Columbus recorded As soon as I arrived in the IndiesI took some of the natives by nip in arrange that they energy learn and force give me data Columbus did not think twice before his actions because he had already made his choice that he was red ink to feel information that might be useful for him to project worthy items uniform gold. Not only the fact that he was driven to exit what he wanted but he in like manner says, in order that they might learn meaning that he thought his people were erupt so the Arawak people might learn from them. The only lesson that was learned was not to trust. Columbuss perception of the Arawak was that they were heathens; he overlook the fact that they were humans like his people and himself. He took some of them aboard ship as prisoners because he insisted that they guide him to the germ of the gold. The fact that he took them as captives showed that Columbus thought he was significant. The Arawak were indigenous people that did not v! alue material things because they lived in village communes....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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