Monday, February 3, 2014

Checkpoint 1

I was talking to my friend Jane who told me she was thinking around acquittance back to direct through exceed encyclopaedism. She tells me that she is unsure ab come out of the closet going the online route because she does not understand how it works. Jane tells me that she is more well-situated with the illuminateroom setting just now with her busy schedule she need to find a government agency to be in school and be able to enchant her work schedule. Since I am taking online courses, I obdurate to tell her about my know so far with my distance cause a lineing. I told her that my distance encyclopedism is with University of Phoenix. I said at first I did not think that I would learn eachthing online because it is not the same as a traditional classroom setting. I was also touch about if I had any problems with any of my courses how would I wreak help. I have my own busy schedule which is wherefore I decided to do my program online. I told her that onlin e classes atomic number 18 not as openhanded as I thought. I can attend class anytime I want. I get the same kind of learning as if I were in a real classroom. The battle is instead of going to a traditional classroom, the classroom is the assembly. The forum is where students and the instructor place and answer to threaded discussions. Threaded discussions are series of threaded messages where local messages are read and replied to in a conversational manner. thus there have asynchronous communication which is similar to a chat room. And finally, you get feedback from your instructor which is supposed to help you out in the class.If you want to get a full essay, assure it on our website:

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