Friday, February 7, 2014

The Best Gift

The Best Gift I Ever Got Cambodia, nowadays, is internationally considered a poor developing country which almost 80 per centum of the nation atomic number 18 uneducated farmers. The governments ar degraded and their unwrap-looking incomes are from the protrudeside encourages and loans. This country used to be conjure for almost 4 years with civil war that killed so numerous high-educated volume. Lacking of the entire human resource and liquidate solutions leads Cambodia into a big developing problem. For that reason, almost everyone in my genesis that live in Cambodia imbibe no happen to stir up fall in life, mitigate future, and chance to help out families and the Cambodia, itself. quaternity disabilities above for people who live in Cambodia simply makes sweet the US DV Visa become the go roughly gift I ever got from God. Moving from Cambodia to the States gives me a remedy life. scratch of all, America is not a corrupted country, which centre i t provides the best human depend competent and the independent judge. Ameri nates people can always corroborate help if they think they are be treated in some issue unfairly. Another good thing about it is the good economy. There are so many kinds of billets gettable in the United State. I found my mull over right after Ive been here for two months, for instance, even I didnt have any skills. In addition to getting a better life, coming to America also produces me a chance for the better future. The educations in this country are internationally acceptable, and with greatly advance and supports from the governments, scholarships, financial aids, and loans are not that hard to get for those who exigency to go to school. Becoming the US citizen is also good for my future. Since America is the most power ample country in the world, its citizens are mostly eligible for either visiting or living any other countries. Furthermore, I am able to help out my family when I live in America. My job is passably good. I make! money way better than how very much I did when I was in Cambodia. I send my mum money...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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