Thursday, January 31, 2019

Life on Mars as a human :: essays research papers

"PLANET MARS, POPULATION 13,000", says the sign at the entrance of Mars, a "blink-and-youll-miss-it" dot on the map of the solar system. Its a perfect legend book planet only six sets of traffic lights for our hover cars, a main street where you can say hello to any of the friendly, tattling(a) beings nearby, lots of blazing rocks and a beautiful big canyon with an over-looking crimson sky. One thing a person from the planet would notice instantly, away from the abundance of red rock and my planets obsession with leaning buildings, is the fact that great deal of different races, other than green, stand show up like flashing lights in a dark sky. See, the thing with Mars is the percentage of green beings is rough 95 per cent. Dont get me wrong in principle, at that places nothing wrong with that. Im just now stating the facts. Given that my mother is Human and my father is from Uranus, however, I really stood show up in Mars. For someone so physically and cu lturally distinctive, you may call up that a small planet would be terrible to live in. But, for me, the lie with was the total opposite. I never acknowledged my racial difference because no one else did. The only times I felt slightly out of place or uncomfortable was during discussions about different cultures at school. Id everlastingly take a crap this feeling that everyone was thinking about me and looking at me, inquire if I lived like the people we were discussing or not. To make myself feel snap off, I just thought of it as flattery. As their only real behavior subject, they could feel free to ask me questions. In my experience, being a nonage is only a negative thing if you allow it to be. I didnt demonstrate to be someone I wasnt, so my race never did matter. many an(prenominal) people have blamed a lot of their problems on racism, stereotypes, and discrimination. Unfortunately, there are times when that is the reason. In some cases, however, people make it into a reason. They become so obsessed with the thought that anyone who is this or that is the problem. I have three words for them, just drop it. Stop making to a greater extent problems, we already have enough. Sometimes the solar system would be better off colour blind. At times, I have been called an apple, green on the outside and white on the inside.

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