Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Kuwait Parliment Misunderstands democracy for women :: essays research papers fc

The Kuwait Parliawork forcet Mis chthonianstands Democracy for WomenWith the upcoming elections in the unify States approaching this November, the thought came to mind of voting rights in other countries. As an American citizen, I have lived in Kuwait for over 19 years. When I went to the U.S. Embassy to submit my absentee b allot, it came to mind that I live in a unpolished where women atomic number 18 non allowed to exercise the right to vote. Womens suffrage in America took 70 years of discrimination until the 19th Amendment was passed on noble-minded 26, 1920, allowing women to vote. The suffragists undertook action through lobbying, petition gathering, lectures and writings. Kuwaiti women have been fighting for 40 years and are still fighting for the right to vote.Kuwait is a country about the size of New Jersey and it is a rattling modern society by western standards. It is considered one of the richest nations in the world, since it has the trinity largest oil reserve s. Kuwait being a social welfare verbalize is highly developed with a free market economy. The monarchy government rules the country and has the only elected Parliament in the Persian Gulf countries. What does all this mean? Being a Kuwaiti national has its benefits, including free facts of life from primary school to university. Statistics showed that over 70% of the total graduates at the topical anesthetic university are women studying engineering and medicine. Health care for Kuwaitis is free, but for expatriates, lilliputian fees are applied to some services. Taxes are not imposed in Kuwait, and electricity is subsidized 80% by the government, so as not to burden residents. This means electricity and water are included in the rent cost, and phone service inside the country is free. Fast, expensive cars are something of the norm and shopping malls with the latest fashions from around the world are abundant. The nation of Kuwait is about 2.5 million however only 27% are Kuwa iti nationals. From this figure there are 1.5 men to every Kuwaiti woman. The voting rights for eligible Kuwaiti men who have been citizens for over 20 years are allowed to contest in elections. Presently, all Kuwaiti men having the nationality over 20 years are allowed to vote, except men in the military and police force.Under the 1961 constitution, the following articles support equality among genders.clause 6 provides "the system of government in Kuwait shall be democratic, under which sovereignty resides in the people, the sources of all powers.

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