Monday, February 11, 2019

Student Athletes Should Not Receive Additional Money Essay -- Argument

Student Athletes Should Not Receive Additional Money When a student athlete signs a letter of intent to play at a disagreement one shallow, he or she is generally quick for the opportunity to perform at the highest level of college competition. Like all genuine things though, they eventually come to an end. After awhile athletes soon begin to ensure not all of their expenses are give for. Because some of the extra cost in college are put on student athletes, some betoken the NCAA and other sources should provide additional funding to help athletes out. This issue has created a heated debate over the relationship between money and college athletes. On the contrary, the squiffyer argument lies with those individuals that say student athletes should not receive additional money, and how the NCAA is relations with the situation right now is fine. In other words, athletes competing at the division one level do not need to be paid any amount of money on top of obtaining a scholarship. If the contemporary law the NCAA has now is working, then it should not be fixed. Because this is such a huge topic, there are still arguments for the opposition.In contrast to the NCAAs rules and regulations, those in favor of turn overing student athletes say money is a necessity to give rise through college. They say even though full(a) ride athletes receive a reposition education, certain accessories still crave money from their own pocket. Some of these items include laundry, clothing, phone bills, transportation, entertainment, toiletries, and eating attain campus. The money for these things usually comes from parents or, if they are lucky, a grant of some strain is given to the athlete. But in order to receive a grant, a student athlete must apply for financial ... ...regarding college athletes receiving money more things would be different in the future. A major concern involves recruiting. Universities allowed to pay players would be able to buy recruits and this may persuade them to attend the school supporting the most money. Its almost like a free agent in professional sports. Attending the school with the most to offer decreases the likelihood of a fair playing ground for all of college athletics. As a result certain schools would be major powerhouses and it would stay this elan forever. Concluding all the ideas and argument above illustrates just a teentsy portion of why the NCAA has yet to pass a law of this magnitude. The tell apart for all those in supporting athletes receiving money are not strong enough for action to take place. Overall if student athletes begin to get paid, collegiate sports will become corrupted.

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